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More than 2.4 billion ours are volunteered by teenagers in community service projects annually, which is worth $34.3 billion to the United States economy. -Cooperative Extension, University of Nevada

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Youth Leaders

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Dangers in Beyond the Seen and Known

According to a recent study by the Barna Group, 73 percent of American teens have participated in at least one type of psychic or witchcraft-related activity. This goes beyond reading horoscopes or watching something on TV or movies. Teens most commonly used Ouija boards or read a book about witchcraft or Wicca. Thirty percent of teens have had their palms read and 27 percent have gone to someone to have their fortune told. -Barna Group, January 2006

Question to Discuss

1. Have you ever been attracted to using a Ouija board or visiting a fortune teller? If so, why did you want to try it? If not, why not?

2.What difference do you think it makes that more and more teens are becoming interested in witchcraft and W icca? Do you have friends who are involved in it? Do you believe you should warn them of the dangers of witchcraft and Wicca? How would you explain the dangers?

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Great Youth Group Ideas

Energize your youth group with these great ideas for outreach, social activities, and indepht Bible study.

Have a great youth ministry idea?

E-mail it to us at, and it could be featured as our idea of the week!

Service Ideas.

Make a difference in the world around you with these proven outreach ideas. Go...

Social Activity Ideas.

Don’t just sit there--try these activities guaranteed to make your youth meetings more memorable. Go...

Bible Study Ideas.

Here’s your chance to dig deep in spiritual matters. Go...

Special thanks to Steve Case of Piece of the Pie Ministries for sharing many of these ideas. His website,, offers five fresh program ideas weekly.

Youth Resources

Books and organizations to help you take your youth ministry to the next level.

52 Sabbath Activities for Teen Groups, by Don Pate

Here are 52 activities to make Sabbath special for teens. Each activity section provides step-by-step instructions and tells what preparation and materials are needed and the minimum time required for the activity. A valuable resource for youth leaders, teachers, and pastors. Go...

Who Cares? by Linnea Torkelson

Over 100 outreach ideas for youth with real-life stories included for each about how they have made an impact. Go...

7 Principles for Youth Ministry Excellence, by Jim Feldbush & William Hurtado

A manual of time-tested youth ministry principles for a successful youth ministry. Go...

Cornerstone Connections Teachers’ Guide.

A quarterly guide filled with ideas for teaching youth Sabbath school. Topics are in sync with the youth quarterly. Go...

Want to take your group on a mission trip . . . in North America?

Plug into We Care Domestic Mission Trips for service from Appalachia to San Francisco. Go...

Giraffe News.

Cutting-edge resources for today’s youth leader. Go...

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