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Counting Our Blessings

by Evelyn Horan

There’s a famous song that laments, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” The fact is, you’re not going to get everything you want. But if you’re paying attention, you’ll probably notice that you’re getting what you need.

It’s easy to compare what you’ve got against what friends, neighbors, or people you admire have—and find yourself coming up short. Everyone else seems so much better off! It’s easy to envy kids who seem better looking or more popular; ones who make better grades or are successful leaders. There is always someone more coordinated on the football or basketball team, or a soprano in the glee club who can hit higher notes. Maybe you always notice someone stronger, smarter, more athletic, someone who drives a great car, is dating the right person, who has more spending money, or even a better job.

You can spend all day making a list of people in better circumstances, but that’s not a helpful activity for those who want to be like Christ and follow Him. A good way to shake that self-pity is to inventory the good things God has done for you. One of His blessings, often taken for granted, is good health. There are people who have a life-threatening disease or a serious injury to face. If you have good health, be grateful!

Second, the necessities of life provided by parents, foster parents, grandparents, or whomever you live with, require gratitude. Not everyone has a warm place to live, adequate clothing to wear, enough food to eat, access to medical care, and plenty of clean water to drink. Having these things when there are millions of people in the world who don’t have these necessities should cause us to pause and remember that God has truly blessed us.

Take time to consider personal possessions and benefits beyond life’s necessities. For some it’s a private room, a cell phone, a TV, a computer, music lessons, trips to amusement parks, family vacations. You may not have all those extras. But what do you have? What can you thank God for?

After a few minutes of reflection, we find we are blessed in so many ways. It is foolish and selfish to give in to pity or become depressed over little things we think we need. We should remember God loves us, and He promised to meet our needs as He sees fit. He didn’t promise to grant all our wishes, but He did say He’d meet our needs and that we should not worry—for if He cares for the birds and the flowers, He surely cares for us.

Evelyn Horan is a retired school counselor and a freelance writer. She writes from Temecula, California.

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