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by Claire Baker

All my life I have had a serious problem when it came to science and math. No matter how much I studied, I never did well on the tests. I did just fine on the homework assignments, but when it came to tests it was as if a dodo bird took my tests for me.

Going into college, everything became tougher. My whole future depended on how I did in my classes. Of course, I got my hardest class in my first semester of college: anatomy and physiology, affectionately known as “A & P.” It was a nightmare!

I received the news that my practical exam on bones was going to be the following Monday, in my lab. I studied so much. Hours upon hours. However long and hard I studied, it would not stay in my weary mind. Late into the night before the test, I felt like I confidently had all the bones down.

The next morning I woke up. I could remember nothing! Everything I learned the night before was no longer in my brain. I knew it would be impossible to relearn all the crazy and long names of the bones. I had no idea what to do. I was desperate to the point of tears. This test was a huge percentage of my grade!

I knew what I had to do. I knew in whom I could depend. I dropped to my knees and prayed.

“Jesus, please, You’re the only one who can help me now. I need You. I’ve studied; I’ve done my part. Please, please help me. I love You, and I know You will do whatever Your will may be. I just ask that You let me do my best and pass. I need help in this class; if I do badly on any more tests, I will not pass this class. I know You will help me . . . Thank you, Jesus.”

I knew I had many people praying for me, even friends and family back at home. This test had been like a gray cloud blocking the sun from me for a while.

I spent the whole rest of the day in my room studying. I had to miss some classes in order to get as much studying in as possible. Throughout this time, I continued to pray.

It came time for my lab to start, and I was about to double over from stress. I knew I was not going to do well on the exam, and my whole future was riding on it.

I had it all down except the memorization of all the names. I expected the test to be “fill in the blank,” so that was not a good thing.

It wasn’t long before I had to walk through the lab door. It was a very tough moment for me. It was like I was stuck in wet cement. I couldn’t move. Eventually I went in. I sat down in my seat and waited for the exam to begin. My teacher went over the rules and explained to us how to rotate through all the bones during the test.

Right after she was done, she told us to flip over the little card that had the numbers on it. I dreadfully flipped my card over. I looked at the card. I could not believe it. The whole test was multiple choice! The names of the bones were already written down for me, I just had to choose which one was the correct bone!

Immediately, I wanted to break down and cry. I wanted to praise God for His answer to my prayer. However, I waited until I arrived back in my dorm room to show all of those emotions. I breezed through the exam as if it didn’t even phase me, and praised God in my head through the whole process.

Jesus will always be there for you. Even if it doesn’t seem like your problem or circumstance matters, He will still be there. Never give up faith. He may not answer your prayers in the way you want Him to, but nonetheless, He answers it in the way that it’s meant to be answered. Jesus loves you.

Claire Baker writes from Lincoln, Nebraska.

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