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Biblical Break-In

by Megan Moore

It was a hot August day, and I was spending the afternoon in my parent’s pool. The cold water was refreshing, and I happily floated along as my dad sat beside the pool eating a sandwich. He was chatting about his new motorcycle when he suddenly asked, “Megan, did you take that screen out of the window?”

“No . . . ” I replied.

Then he stated in unbelief, “The TV’s gone!”

In my hurry to change, I had noticed that the entertainment center was empty, but it just didn’t register. In shock, we stared at each other and then suddenly launched into motion, hurrying inside the house. I dripped water all over the floor as we rushed from room to room. Besides the TV, the laptop was gone; we noticed drawers and closets had been rustled through. My dad was in shock as he called the police and reported the robbery. They took down our details and asked us to have the TV and laptop serial numbers ready when the officer arrived. We then looked at each other, and I thought, We’ll never see it again.

Frantically we looked all over the house to find old booklets or instruction manuals that might still have the serial numbers. By the time the officer arrived, we were able to find the number for the TV but not the laptop. He was young, cocky, and irritable. They had woken him up to come and take our report, and he made sure we knew it.

As we were answering the officer’s questions, the phone rang; it was the police department. We found out that multiple homes had been targeted recently, and we were the latest hit. They also told us that another officer had pulled over a young lady with a VIZIO flat-screen TV matching the description we had given, and asked for our serial number. It wasn’t a match. The young officer completed his report and left.

We silently continued to pray and search to see what else might be missing. About an hour later the police station called again and asked my dad to come to a nearby motel less than a mile away. When my dad arrived, the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and police force invited him into one of the motel rooms. In the room, there was a large flat-screen TV hooked up and playing.

“That’s my TV!” my dad unbelievingly shouted, “. . . and my laptop! And that’s my camera!” There were other various pieces of jewelry and pocket knives, my dad’s passport and Social Security card—things we hadn’t even discovered were missing.

The police told my dad that they had followed the young woman with the VIZIO TV back to the motel. As they were questioning her, a man in a van backed into a neighboring room and started unloading all of my parent’s belongings. He ended up being a previous offender in violation of his parole, and the young woman was his accomplice.

While my dad started collecting his belongings off the motel bed, he noticed the young woman sitting in the bathroom with her two small children. Silent tears were streaming down her face as she stared at him. “I forgive you,” my dad said. “I have no hate in my heart against you.” She nodded quietly and mouthed “thank you” before looking down.

Within three hours of us discovering the items missing, they were all back home and in their places. “You know this never happens, right?” I asked my dad.

“You’re right,” he replied. “I thought it was all gone forever. I’m so glad it’s all back before your mom got home from work so she doesn’t have to worry about it.” I nodded. If it hadn’t been for the excellent work of the police, we would have never known that all of the stolen belongings were less than a mile away. We were utterly powerless on our own.

“You know,” my dad said with a twinkle in his eye, “When they came in through that window they had to walk right past my Bible on the kitchen table.” We walked over to the table where it still sat—open. We looked down to see the text Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (NIV).* My dad grinned and shook his head.

We knew the true hero that day was our heavenly Father. He is always watching and is just waiting to help in our time of need.

* Texts credited to NIV are from the

Holy Bible, New International Version

. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Megan is a nurse practitioner who lives with her husband Justin on a farm in Taylorsville, Georgia, with their menagerie of animals. She enjoys triathlons, traveling, and shopping. Megan

and her husband enjoy being involved in their church and youth group.

Biblical Break-In

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