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by Josue Sanchez


by Josue Sanchez

That’s what I hear every time I get into my car. Oh, the wonders of Bluetooth and sensors. Somehow my car knows when I’m at the wheel! All right, it senses my smartphone, but since it is always on me, it’s pretty much the same thing. Also, when I drive within 100 yards of Walmart, the phone reminds me to buy diapers for my daughter. It will also alert me to some heavy traffic on my commute to work and suggest I leave home a few minutes earlier. Not only that, it even tracks my activity level! If I’m not moving for a determined period of time, my wrist band will buzz and send a message to the cell phone. Cool, eh?
Everything is connected.
But not just technology. Everything! For real. Take water as an example. The same drops go from the ocean to the clouds and back to earth. We collect them, and between the time we drink a glass of water to the time we undrink it, our hands—the muscles of which couldn’t operate without H2O—hold objects that were made in factories that use great amounts of, you guessed right, water. Now think of ecosystems. Water, plants, and animals are so intermingled! You mess with one element, and the rest are affected as well. We could go on and on, but you get the point, right?
The connection goes beyond tangible things. Enter the spiritual world. When you pray, the Holy Spirit touches your heart, so to speak, right? Let’s say you were praying for patience before going to school this morning. Good, because your classmate was praying for help with math at the same time. So the Holy Spirit listens to both of your requests. Oh, and your friend’s mom’s request, too. She was praying for her son to do better at school—everything seemed to go downhill after they moved to the new neighborhood. Then when your friend asks you a seemingly obvious math question, you can patiently explain it to him. There you go, three birds with one stone. All nicely connected.
But wait, there’s more!
Next time you’re tempted to think that it’s OK to stay up too late at night, download mature videos, play first-person shooter games, listen to explicit songs, fill your stomach with junk food, and become a couch potato this summer . . . think twice. Or thrice. Fine, five times. Why? Because it’s all connected. It’s not just about being healthy and having a good quality of life. You are not a machine that needs a good tune-up. You are a human being! You have a mind and a soul, too. They are connected. What you do to your body will affect your mind. Whatever happens to your mind will affect your spiritual life. And whatever happens to your spiritual health will affect your attitude toward Jesus and others.
Yup, it’s that simple.
Well, maybe it’s a tad complicated. But worry not, my friend. There’s an incredibly easy hack for this whole connected mash-up. It’s called “Enoch-ifation.” Remember? Walking with God. That’s all it takes to find balance and harmony between your body, mind, and soul. When you are connected to God, like Bluetooth technology, everything that’s around you will respond to His presence in you. Your conscience will buzz when it senses that you’re about to tap on the wrong download button. Your eyes will light up when you see the “stairs” sign (easy, good exercise tip!). Your glands will vibrate at the proximity of healthy food. And you’ll hear a nice, still small voice inside you saying, “Connected.”
In John 15 and 17 Jesus prayed that you and I would be connected to Him like He was connected to God. My hope for you this summer—and the rest of the year—is that you’ll get, and stay, connected to Jesus.
Have a great summer, Enoch.

Josue Sanchez is a youth pastor and freelance writer from Ontario, Canada.

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