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Summer Love

by Josue Sanchez

You were mine for the summer. Now we know it’s nearly over, feels like snow in September. But I always will remember you were my summer love. You always will be my summer love. You always will be my summer love. You will always be my summer love . . . ”1

Wipe your tears!

There’s something about summer that makes things—and people—look and feel different. Maybe it’s the ocean breeze, the birds singing, or the smell of suntan lotion. Maybe it’s the sun on the skin, the long evenings, the moon reflected on the lake, the stars in the night. Or perhaps it is the simple fact that: There. Is. No. School. Tomorrow! It’s like a long recess, but this time there won’t be a loud bell indicating you gotta go back to class. Freedom. Yeah, that’s the difference! A new sense of freedom that makes you feel you’re the king of the world. Here I come, people!

That’s when you see her. Oh, dear. What a beauty. She must be the most beautiful woman in the world!2  Her eyes are like stars that take you to a universe filled with petals and cotton clouds. Her melodic voice sounds like 2,346 violins as she says, “Er, hello?” Oh, look, those beautiful lips are moving in slow motion! “Hello?” Oh, is that the sound of love? “Dude, you’re freaking me out. Would you stop staring at me?” Reality hits. You wake up. But you know that you’ve met the love of your life. Well, at least the love of . . . your summer. This summer.3

Wrong direction

Whoa, wait right there! you may be thinking. Wrong direction? Why do you jump to conclusions so fast? Are you saying that my feelings for this new friend of mine are superficial or, even worse, evil? It’s not as though we are going to sleep together or anything! Relax, man! We like each other and want to spend as much time together as we can, because we may not see each other again. We are just dating. What’s wrong with that? OK, sorry. Point taken. I didn’t mean to upset you. I like playing with words, and the name of the band One Direction is too tempting!

However, if you allow me, there are a couple of things about dating that I’d like to briefly discuss with you. Hold your breath if you need to. Ready? Here we go. You date a person you truly care for to figure out if you two should marry. Dating is not about trying out different people to see what type you like. Casual dating, summer dating, or serial dating for that matter, focus on feel-good emotions, living the moment, not caring about the future. It’s quite self-centered. Granted, it feels good. But you’re opening the gates to a flood of situations that will bring unnecessary emotional turmoil.

Why do you feel you need to date? Dating is not an initiation ceremony that every teen has to go through. Do you really want the drama of breakups and being single on and off? Do you really want to play with fire? The more you date, the more your brain will be filled with memories that, believe me, will come back to haunt you at the least appropriate moments, even later in life when you’re married. Don’t hurry. Take your time. Focus your energy on building your character. That will be the best gift you can give to your future spouse.

If you refrain from dating during high school, especially during the summer, you might find out that you suddenly have lots of time on your hands. What to do? That’s what we will talk about next week. See you then!
1Lyrics from One Direction’s “Summer Love” track from their album Take Me Home.
2Totally false, because my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. Period.
3Sorry, ladies, but I couldn’t make myself write about your encounter with a Prince Charming—Summer Edition, but you get the point, right?

Josue Sanchez is a youth pastor and freelance writer from Ontario, Canada.

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