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Miranda Writes: What to Do When God Asks You to Give Up Your Dream, Part 3

by Omar Miranda

We’ve been following the life story and faith journey of Abraham and his wife Sarah in their search to find and live out the God-given dream that they were given, and the many tough lessons that they learned along the way. We ended last week with Abraham successfully passing his final faith and obedience test in God’s “God-given dreams” class. This week we’re wrapping up with an additional view into the incredible level of Abraham’s obedience and faith in God and in His enduring promises.

Hebrews 11 has some interesting information to share about Abraham’s and Sarah’s faith in the face of their life of overcoming great odds and God’s final test of Abraham: “Abraham had faith and obeyed God. He was told to go to the land that God had said would be his, and he left for a country he had never seen. Because Abraham had faith, he lived as a stranger in the promised land. He lived there in a tent, and so did Isaac and Jacob, who were later given the same promise. Abraham did this, because he was waiting for the eternal city that God had planned and built. Even when Sarah was too old to have children, she had faith that God would do what he had promised, and she had a son. Her husband Abraham was almost dead, but he became the ancestor of many people. In fact, there are as many of them as there are stars in the sky or grains of sand along the beach” (verses 8-12).* “Abraham had been promised that Isaac, his only son, would continue his family. But when Abraham was tested, he had faith and was willing to sacrifice Isaac, because he was sure that God could raise people to life. This was just like getting Isaac back from death” (verses 17-19).

Did you catch what that last passage said? When God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Abraham was willing to do it and believed that God would and could raise Isaac back from the dead if that’s what God had to do to fulfill His promise! Wow, what faith in both God’s incredible power and His enduring promises!

Now, there are a few really important points to be learned from what we’ve been studying. Let’s look at those, and then I want to make some applications of this story to our own lives.

• God can work to bring about good things even in the midst of your stupid mistakes and bad consequences, because He’s God. He has a way of making bad things turn out right.

• God is ultimately concerned about your holiness, ­and He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get and keep your attention, trust, and obedience to accomplish that goal.

• God is responding to your stubbornness and knuckleheadedness (I’m pretty sure I made this word up) when He has to get your attention by testing your obedience and allegiance to Him and to His plans by putting you in the most uncomfortable situation where—even for a short time—it seems as if He’s asking you to give up your dream. When in actuality, what He’s asking you to do is not to give up your dream, but to have total trust in Him and to give up control of making your dream come true. Genesis 22:1-12 makes a great point, and it is this: God wants you to take the thing, that dream that you love dearly, more than life itself, and totally trust Him with it.

• God can be trusted with your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations for your life, your relationships, your grades, your sports, your family, whatever it is you’re worried about, that is most important to you, or that you have big plans for—God is trustworthy.

I hope you’ve learned a lot in our study of Abraham’s and Sarah’s journeys of faith to live the incredible dream of this promise that Abraham’s children would be more than the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach. I hope that you’ve realized that God has a very special dream that He wants to give to you and is ready and willing to make it happen in your lifetime, for your joy, and His glory. I hope that you’ve paid attention to the mistakes Abraham and Sarah made in trying to force God’s hand and make their dreams come true in their own timetable—it never worked for them and it’ll never work for me or you.

I hope that you realize that God may choose to give you a big test to either find out where your priorities are and where your heart truly is or correct your path and put you on His path again. Many times chasing our God-given dream can totally eclipse our love for the Dream-giver, and that’s not cool with God.
And finally, I hope you realize that God ultimately wants and deserves your total allegiance and obedience in whatever you do in your life, because God is trustworthy with everything, especially your dreams.

Until next time, remember these things: God’s way is always the best way. Life is full of decisions, so make yours good ones. Put God first in your life, and you can’t go wrong.

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In Christ,
Omar Miranda, certified Christian counselor
Abundant Life Ministries
155 Earl Street
Plainville, GA 30733
Phone: 1-770-354-2912

 *Scripture quotations in this article are from the Contemporary English Version. Copyright © American Bible Society 1991, 1995. Used by permission.

Omar Miranda is a Christian counselor with 20 years’ experience working with youth in public and private middle and high schools. He’s married and has two kids. He enjoys teaching the youth at his church, reading, writing, gardening, and camping. He’s a recovering knucklehead who spent a lot of time in the past doing stupid stuff away from God. He’s been back with God for years now and is eager to share what he’s learned from his experiences by answering any questions you may have about life, the Christian life, Jesus, spiritual matters, and relationships in his column, Miranda Writes.

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