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Coolness Versus Kindness

by Dachele Cuke

I hurt my friend and let God down, because I wanted to be cool.

I had a crush on a boy named Brandon. He seemed like the perfect guy to me—tall and handsome. I talked a lot about him with my best friend, Katie, and she did her “best friend duties” listening and commenting every now and then.
Katie was younger than I was, and I didn’t really mind. She was a great person, and she understood me better than everyone else I knew. Katie and I did everything together, and everyone in school knew we were the best of friends.  I was so happy to have a friend like her.

Every year my school had a night out to eat at a restaurant close by. The school was not very big, so anyone who wanted to go, could. I was excited to go, and I couldn’t wait for the day to come, because I heard Brandon say he was going to be there too. Maybe I could even sit by him!  I thought. And maybe we could talk, laugh, and have a real conversation for once. I really just couldn’t wait.

Finally the time came for the night at the restaurant. I put a lot of effort into looking pretty, trying on this outfit and then that one. It took me a while to get dressed, but finally I found the right outfit. When the horn beeped, I ran outside and hopped into the van, ready to go!

When I got to the restaurant, there were lots of people from school already there, but Brandon wasn’t. I saw Katie sitting at a table alone. I was about to run and take a seat beside her, but then I stopped and thought to myself, What if Brandon sees me with Katie? She’s younger than I am. That’s not really cool; it won’t give me a nice image. It’ll be like sitting with a kid or something! I should sit with older students, I decided.

I left Katie to sit by herself, and I sat with some older kids that I sort of knew from school. I left a seat in front of me for Brandon.

I felt sorry for Katie sitting alone, but I just had to look good. Just then a verse in the Bible popped into my head: “Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7:12). I asked myself, Would I want Katie to leave me sitting alone just to look cool for some guy? I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I still didn’t move. I let the worst get the best of me.

Brandon arrives

Soon Brandon came into the restaurant, so   I flicked the golden rule and being a good friend out of my head. I was getting ready to call him over to sit with me when I heard him say, “Hey? Why’d they leave Katie all alone?” Brandon then went over and sat by Katie. I was in total shock.

I sat by older kids to look mature and cool for Brandon, and he did the complete opposite. He sat by Katie, to my total surprise. If I had just listened to what God was saying when He sent me the Bible verse, I would have been laughing and talking with Katie, and maybe Brandon would have sat with us too.

I watched Katie and Brandon laughing and talking. I thought, How foolish of me to try to be cool and put hurting my friend’s feelings on the line for a guy. Instead of being cool, I looked really silly, and I learned a valuable lesson the hard way.

The lesson I learned was to always be kind and follow Matthew 7:12, doing to others as I would want them to do to me. That’s really “cool,” and that’s the way Jesus wants us to be.

When Jesus came to earth, He helped the poor and sinful, not just the rich and famous. He didn’t care what other people thought; He cared about being kind and loving to all people. That’s what made Him great!

I want to be kind just like Jesus. Don’t you?

Dachele Cuke, who lives in New York State, loves singing, writing, running, and hanging out with friends.

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