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Unfeigned Faith

by Rob Stewart

In the Bible a young guy named Timothy got complimented on his faith. Here’s why.

 “To Timothy, my dearly beloved son: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day; greatly desiring to see thee, being mindful of thy tears, that I may be filled with joy; when I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also” (2 Timothy 1:2-5, KJV).1

Wasn’t that an awesome compliment that the apostle Paul gave Timothy, his young friend and apprentice? Paul mentioned Timothy’s unfeigned faith, but what kind of faith is unfeigned faith?
The Greek word for “unfeigned” is anupokritos, which means sincere. Paul describes his young protégé, Timothy, as a disciple who possessed sincere faith. What a compliment!
Young Timothy’s work for God was effective because he continuously sought God’s guidance so God could use him as a missionary. This is what being a Christian is all about—always seeking God and being willing to share the gospel with others.
Young brothers and sisters, don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible to continuously seek God and to do His will. Satan desires that you turn away your heart from virtue and indulge in worldly pleasures that will ultimately destroy you. I challenge you to seek the Lord and to let Him know that your faith is unfeigned.
One young person who is meeting this challenge is William A. Washington III. His faith and love for God are sincere, unfeigned. While William, who is 16, was raised a Christian and has been baptized, from an early age he was on a search for God. He found promises in the Bible and started applying them to his life, at school, in his friendships, and in his ministry.
When biblical and end-time discussions come up among friends and classmates, William actively talks about the revelation of Jesus Christ. He tries hard to explain what God says in the Bible; then he tries to live his principles and values. He stays busy at his home church as a representative of the Pathfinder Club, a member of the junior deacon and usher boards, and a volunteer in the audiovisual department.
Last year the Lord called William to be the guest speaker for Youth Day at his church. His sermon focused on God’s power to help youth tackle the war against sin in the areas of secular music, social groups, and false belief systems.
“The youth of the church should be rooted in in Jesus Christ and know what they believe, so that when they go out into the world, they won’t be shaken by temptation,” William preached.
Do you have unfeigned faith?
Like Timothy and William, you have been commissioned as missionaries to carry the torch of the gospel and the hope of eternal life to the world (Matthew 28:19, 20). Along with Timothy and William, you have been anointed with spiritual gifts that you can use to expand God’s church. With God’s help, you can love people and be a holy witness in the great controversy going on between good and evil.
It’s a privilege to serve God. While it can be difficult to do, don’t get discouraged. The reward is great, and you’ll experience many blessings along the path of righteousness.
I challenge you to have unfeigned faith as you live for God. Remember this piece of advice that Paul gave to Timothy: “Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers” (1 Timothy 4:16, NIV).2
1Texts credited to KJV are from the King James Version.
2Texts credited to NIV are from the Holy Bible, New International Version. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.
Rob Stewart writes from Pennsylvania.

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