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Time Is Ticking Away, or Is It?

by April Scheffler-Nall

Now is the time to be totally open to Godís possibilities for your life. Hereís why.

 Now that high school graduation is almost behind you, what are you going to do next? That’s a loaded question and one you’re probably tired of answering if you don’t have any concrete plans.

What about doing mission work? Well, what about it?
Some of you have already prayerfully considered mission field work and know that God has other plans in mind for you. That’s great, but that also means this article is not for you. This article is for those of you who may have found the wild idea of mission work intriguing or perhaps even lodged in the back of your mind, scratching away at your brain in the most unguarded moments.
Let’s, with open minds, air out this idea of doing mission work. We all know its advantages—a new perspective on life, often a freshly lit fire for soul-winning, and a less- cluttered relationship with your Savior. With advantages like these, you’d think that everyone, at least once in their life, would want to do some sort of mission activity. Why don’t they? While I won’t pretend to answer for everybody, I would like to address one biggie that you may be facing: time.
Tick, tock . . . At this time in your life it can seem like every second is almost audible as it passes and pushes you little by little into the unknown. You may feel pressure to get a grip on a “life plan” and figure out your next step, whether it be going to college, getting a job, or both.
Let me very bluntly say that as a society, we’ve bought into a lie. With the band Switchfoot I affirm, “Time was never money.”
I think Satan often sidetracks us from godly goals with the mind-set that we need to hurry, hurry, rush, rush and make something of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with education, but sometimes I think we need to be reeducated that we are already special, our time is God’s to do with as He pleases, and there are more important priorities in life than making money and getting job security.
Have you realized that people often make stupid choices when they feel rushed? Don’t buy into the lie that you’re running out of time. Sometimes people marry the wrong person or jump into careers that make them miserable—all because they felt they were running out of time.
Unless you feel a God-given sense of urgency, sometimes it’s better to wait on the Lord and His timing. This is not to say that you should be lazy and indecisive—absolutely not! God is clear that we should work and stay busy. But I think that too often we are busy with the wrong kinds of stuff, things that don’t matter or are of only a superficial benefit.
I happened to hear a conversation in which my pastor’s wife related a few of her recent life challenges. She said something that really struck me, and that was that, by our observance of the Sabbath, we already acknowledge with our lives that God is the Lord of time. She went on to say that if God is the Lord of time, it also stands to reason that He is Lord of our time—those years and weeks and minutes we claim as our own.
So please do yourself a favor and throw off your self-imposed deadlines and schedules. If you’ve been thinking about mission work, then I say there’s no time better than the present.  Give God the best of everything—including your time, the best, most promising years of your life.
Doing mission work in a developing country doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment. There are tons of two-week, six-month, and yearlong projects. Then armed with the life-changing benefits we’ve already listed, you’ll be better prepared to tackle and subvert the American mind-set that maintaining the status quo is OK.
If our goal is to win souls and not just enter through heaven’s gates as nicely manicured and sophisticatedly credentialed good people, we may have to become losers in the eyes of people in this world to become great in the world to come.
Stay open to wild possibilities
Oh, so you’ve received a blessing from mission work, and now you’re about to return home. If nothing has changed, and you still don’t know what you want to do with your life, it’s OK!
I received a huge blessing from listening to a presentation by Pastor Steve Case on the will of God. He put forth a wild-haired idea that maybe God doesn’t have one, perfectly detailed, unalterable plan for each of us to follow. He suggests that God gives us what must be one of His favorite gifts—choice.
I encourage you to keep your ears open to God’s voice, make choices accordingly, and give whatever you set out to do your very best . . . and rip that calendar off the wall if you need to!
April Scheffler-Nall is a university student in Texas.

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