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The “Gospel” According to Hollywood

by Brandon Mascareñas

Have you figured out yet that Hollywood is sending you mixed messages about God?

 What do the movies Wall-E, 300, The Truman Show, Pleasantville, V for Vendetta, and the Matrix trilogy all have in common? They all teach that the Creator of the universe is an inferior, evil, tyrannical God, and the being who possessed the snake in the garden of Eden is actually the good guy. This teaching is part of a belief system called gnosticism.1 Some of Hollywood’s most popular films have incorporated it on a subliminal level.

Gnosticism comes from the Greek word gnosis, which simply means knowledge. Followers of gnosticism think that the knowledge Satan gave Eve in the Garden of Eden was a warning to people that God only wants to control you. Gnostics believe by achieving knowledge, one will come to the self-realization that you have a spark of divinity inside you, and that you are actually a god. Once enlightened, true freedom can be obtained by leaving the Creator’s control.2 Basically, gnosticism inverts Bible truths. So how is Hollywood sliding this backward theology into their movie themes?
What you don’t see 
Movies thrive on conflict—good guy versus bad guy themes. You typically root for the hero and hate the bad guy. Take Jim Carrey’s 1998 hit movie, The Truman Show, for example. The hero, Truman, a play on the words “true man,” is a guy who lives on a gigantic movie set, a type of paradise in which he doesn’t know that everything about his life is actually being aired as a reality TV show. The bad guy is the show’s creator, ironically named Christof, a play on the words “Christ off,” and whose partner is named Moses.
The way that Truman gets his “gnosis,” or knowledge, that he’s living in a fake world is from a studio light that falls out of nowhere from the sky. As Truman picks up the mysterious light, the words “Sirius 9th Canis” are written on its label. 
Sirius, the ninth closest star to earth, is the brightest star in the Canis Major star constellation, also known as “Big Dog.”3 The star Sirius has long been worshipped in the occult world as Lucifer. So in short, Truman, or true man, got his knowledge that he was in a controlled paradise from the brightest star.
Sound familiar? It should. Isaiah 14:12 says: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth” (NIV).4 The movie ends with Truman breaking free from the world Christof has created for him by stepping through a door into darkness. The onlooking world cheers as Truman becomes the god of his own future.
Is this story starting to sound familiar? See how the same lie Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden was repackaged and retold to us in The Truman Show? You as the viewer were tricked into cheering and sympathizing for the Luciferian character, the so-called good guy, and voting against the God character, which was demonized in the movie.
Hiding in sight 
The creators of this film and others like it don’t hide the fact that gnosticism is the theological backbone for their movies. Film  director Richard Stanley said, “I guess one could see the whole of the mass media as it stands today as some sort of extension of gnostic faith.”5
The Wachowski brothers, creators of the Matrix trilogy, were asked if they were aware of the gnostic overtones in their movies during an interactive Web chat. One of the brothers responded, “Do you consider that to be a good thing? I would.”
Do you get it? The agenda of these gnostic filmmakers is to implant in our minds an upside-down, twisted view of God and Jesus. The age-old lie that God only wants to control you originated with none other than the devil himself, the father of lies (John 8:44).
Battle lines are being drawn as we speak and votes are being cast—votes for God and His kingdom, or votes for Satan and this world. Through media the devil is conditioning us to change the way we view God, sin, and the world—that’s how he’s influencing votes for his side. The only way to spot these false teachings about the character of God is to study the genuine teachings of the Bible.
The more time you spend in the Word of God and the less time you spend soaking in the world’s views, the less of a foothold you’ll give the devil to manipulate your decision for God’s kingdom.
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Brandon Mascareñas and his friend Scott Mayer speak around the globe about the dangers of entertainment. Interested in having them come and speak at your church or school? Get in touch with them by looking them up on Facebook under Little Light Ministries or logging onto their Web site,

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