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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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My Broken, Wooden Body

by Melissa Byrd

A thought-provoking poem . . .

 I was a tree

   planted erect in the soil
Standing on my hill, my home
   surrounded by forest and lightning
My branches nodded, my leaves quivered
   in the stormy winds
The thunderous sky rained
   watery showers upon me
The rain caressed my wooden body
   making me happy
One day a man came
   and cut me down
With shining tools he
   sawed off my branches, my arms
He laid me into pieces
   sanded me into planks
Hot rays of the sun beat
   unmercifully upon his sweaty back
His sweat caressed my broken, wooden body
   making me happy
I was taken away from my home
   given to a dying man
His weakened body dragged me
   I got spit on and dropped
After traveling up a dusty road
   once again I stood erect on a hill
His arms were stretched and wrenched
   across my branches, my arms
His blood caressed my broken, wooden body
   making me happy
I raised Him out of reach
   from the evil men who cut Him down
Who laid His broken body on my broken body
   who opened the flesh of His hands
Those nailed hands, those forever mighty hands
   made me from nothing
I was the cross of the Creator
   a symbol of His eternal love for sinners
His love caressed my broken, wooden body
   making me happy
I miss the rains of good Friday
   that wondrous, stormy, good Friday
I miss my forest
   and my grass-carpeted hill
But planted on this hill will do
   bearing the weight of my God is fine
As long as I can hold out
   my arms to the world
I am heeding it of His love
   making me happy.
Melissa Byrd writes from Tennessee.

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