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My Space with God

by Stephanie Crump

Here’s where I go to spend alone time with God.

    In the past few years my life has become increasingly more hectic as I split my time among school, work, family, and friends. As I got busier and busier, I began feeling that I was losing control over my life—as if it were slipping through my fingers. Maybe you can relate.

    My best friend saved me. She brought me with her to her youth church, where I truly became acquainted with God. Eventually I went to a youth church retreat with her, and I gave my heart to God.
    At the Retreat I also learned a new concept—getting alone with God. A youth pastor told us that in order to strengthen our relationships with God, we needed to find a place where we could talk to Him and read our Bibles. I chose my room at home, and I’ve made it into a place where I meet with God.
    My room is my space, and it holds sentimental value to me. It’s an expression of who I am, and I’ve decorated it with reminders of my Christian faith. I’ve painted my walls different colors. One wall is blue, to represent darkness and troubled times. The other three walls I painted a golden yellow to represent God’s light overcoming the darkness.
    On days when nothing seems to be going right, my room is a shelter. When I encounter situations that cause me stress, as soon as I can, I run to my room.
    For example, I used to fight constantly with my brother, and I admit that occassionally we still fight. But I’ve found that retreating to my room and turning on some Christian music helps to soothe my temper.
    When my parents are worrying whether or not they can pay all the bills, I go to my room to pray for guidance, since I don’t know how to deal with my family’s financial situation. I open up my Bible and read that  God looks out for us, even when things seem to be at their worst. He finds ways to help us, and   He gets us through troubled times (Psalm 91:15).
    I also run to my room when I’m scared,  when things happen in the world that I don’t understand—on days like September 11, 2001. That morning, my dad had left early to take a flight to Atlanta, Georgia, and then take another one to Houston, Texas. When news of the attacks reached me, I felt my heart drop to my stomach.
    As soon as I got home from school, I ran to my room and cried because we hadn’t heard from my dad all day, and we didn’t know if he was OK. I prayed for a long time in the comfort of my room, and I cried for hours—until my father called us late that night to tell us he was fine and was coming home.
    In my room I thanked God for protecting  my dad. Then I prayed for all those who had lost loved ones that day.
    My faith in God has grown stronger in the confines of my room. I get alone with God by turning off my TV and radio, and talking to Him. I confess my sins and ask for forgiveness. I also read from my Bible. Now my faith in God strongly influences how I live my life, and I do my best to live for God. On Wednesdays when I can’t go to youth church, I play some Christian music and praise God in my room.
    Before I became a Christian, life didn’t mean that much to me, as mine spun out of control. I felt as though my life had no direction. My schoolwork began to suffer, causing my parents to confront me. My self-esteem dropped so low that I lost my desire to live. In my room I often thought about suicide.
    God saw me in my room sitting in despair, and He intervened. God sent my best friend to get my attention.
    Since I’ve given my heart to God, my life  has purpose. Now when challenges present themselves, I know I can triumph over them. I take them to God in my room, and He gives me the strength I need.
    God does listen to prayers, because He’s answered mine, and He’s saved my life. I praise His holy name!
Stephanie Crump writes from Iowa.    

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