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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Compelled to Go Home

by Heather Araiza

After I prayed that God would help me find my runaway dog, Shay, here’s what happened . . .

     I whirled around when I realized that Shay, my dog, had taken off. How stupid could I be, leaving him alone off his leash! What if someone takes him? What if a car runs over him? What if he goes to the train tracks? How am I supposed to find him? And if I don’t, what will I do?
     It was one of those humid, muggy August afternoons. I’d unleashed my spastic, black, fuzzy toy poodle who’d been anticipating this moment of play all day. Then, just as Shay and I started playing, Courtney rode up on a bike.   Leaving Shay, I went over to chat with her. I was all wrapped up in our conversation when I suddenly realized I’d left Shay without any supervision.
    “Oh, no!” I exclaimed. “I left Shay outside by himself, and he always runs away!”
    My heart throbbed and my muscles tensed as I thought about what could happen. Frantically I ran around my house calling his name. But no Shay.
    Noticing the time, Courtney interrupted my search to tell me, “I would help you look for your dog, but I’ve got a date, and I’m sorry but I’ve got to go.”
    A rush of adrenaline flooded my body. I darted off through my yard and into the streets. My stomach in my throat, I stammered as I asked people all around the area if they’d seen my dog.
    None of them had seen him, which discouraged me. On the verge of bursting into tears, I sent up a silent prayer to God for help, God, I know You’re up there and listening to my prayer. I know all the things that You’ve done for me, and I just want to know that You still care, even for people’s pets.
    As soon as I finished praying, I felt  compelled to go home. Instinctively I still wanted to keep looking for my dog, but I dragged my feet slowly toward my house. Tearfully, I peered through the trees and found my dog back on his leash, which was  securely tied around one of the trees. Stunned, I bolted to Shay. I buried my face in my dog’s coat and bawled my eyes out.
    Looking up to see my mom and my neighbor talking, I asked how they found Shay. It turned out that Courtney was at a nearby ice cream store, and she saw a little black ball of fur wandering along the side of Highway 30. Not sure if it was Shay or not, Courtney called him over to her when she saw him start moving in front of an oncoming truck!
    God answered my prayer! I know now that sometimes when I think that He’s not there, God is nearer than ever. He even cares about our animals.

Heather Araiza, 17, is from Shelton, Nebraska. She likes to play soccer, football, and badminton. She also enjoys riding horses, hanging out with friends, and listening to sermons. She still has Shay, who she says “doesn’t have the best sense of direction!”

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