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My Pants Are Gone!

by Chad Clark

Somebody stole my clothes—and my wallet!

Where are my clothes? I know I left them right here.

I looked all over the foyer, up and down the stairs, in the laundry room, and down the halls, but my clothes were nowhere to be found.

Could someone have stolen them? I wondered.

It was the usual warm sunny morning in Hermosa Beach, California. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. My family and I had flown to California for the weekend to check on our house that was under construction. It was supposed to be a quick trip, since we planned to leave that afternoon to go back home to Arizona.

The day was so nice that my brother, D.J., and I decided to change into our swimming suits and lay on the rooftop deck of our framed house. We left our clothes on the first floor of the house, right in front of the front door, not realizing that everyone who walked by could see our clothes sitting there.

I climbed up the stairs to the rooftop deck and gazed upon my favorite sight: the beautiful, dark-blue Pacific Ocean. I felt the familiar salty breeze hit my face, and I watched the waves crash onto the white sand. I love it here, I thought.

While we chose to spend time on the roof-top deck, the rest of our family chose to go  look at another house to get ideas for what to do with our house.

About two or three hours later my parents came back and told us to get ready to go to the airport. As I stood up and looked over the ocean one last time, I felt sad to leave such a great day in paradise.

I walked down two flights of stairs to the foyer. I looked on the floor in the middle of the foyer where D.J. and I had left our clothes. They weren’t there.

“Dad, did you put our clothes in the car?” I asked.

“No,” he said, “I haven’t seen them.”

I looked for our clothes on the stairs, in the hallways, in the laundry room, outside the front door—but I couldn’t find them. I couldn’t believe everything was gone! My shirt, my jeans, my boxers, my wallet, my belt—everything!

I felt devastated, and I didn’t know what to do. I especially wanted my wallet. It had $70 and many irreplaceable items in it, such as professional athletes’ signatures, pictures of family and friends, and other items that were special to me. I felt depressed and sick to my stomach about the irreplaceable items I’d lost.

As I walked through the airport, I noticed everyone wearing regular clothes, while I wore my swimming suit and an undershirt. I felt out of place.
While I wanted my clothes back, my wallet was what I really wanted. So I prayed about it.

The next day at school, I was placing my English book in my locker when Mr. Stevenson, the principal, told me there was a police officer on the phone who wanted to talk to me.

I became deathly afraid. I didn’t know what a police officer could possibly want with me! I’d never gotten in trouble before, and I had no idea what I could’ve done to make a police officer call me at school in the middle of the day.

As I walked through the administration building and into Mr. Stevenson’s office, my brain whirred at 100 miles a minute as I thought of all the various things the officer might possibly tell me.

“Sit down at my desk, pick up the phone, and tell the officer your name,” Mr. Stevenson instructed.

When I reached for the phone, I could see my hand shaking. I brought the phone to my ear and said, “Hello, my name is Chad Clark.”

I heard through the phone, “Hello, I’m Detective Smite with the Hermosa Beach Police Department.”

I let out a sigh of relief, I knew this was going to be good news. Detective Smite told me that he had found my jeans, my belt, and my wallet still in the back pocket of my jeans. All my money and personal items were still in the wallet. “Whoever stole them must’ve been stupid,” said Detecive Smite, “because the first thing thieves usually do is check wallets for money.”

I felt so relieved!
Then Detective Smite told me that they’d found my jeans at a crime scene about 10 miles away from my house.

“Did you find my shirt or any of my brother’s clothes?” I asked.

“No,” replied Detective Smite.

Luckily D.J. hadn’t been carrying a wallet.

“Thank you, Detective Smite,” I said. “I’ll  pick up everything at city hall the next time I’m in Hermosa Beach.” Then I hung up the phone.

God had answered my prayer! I thought I’d never get my wallet back—much less everything that was in it! Yet God more than answered my prayer—I got my jeans and belt back, too. Amazing!

Now, every time I wear that pair of jeans, every time I open my wallet, every time I put on my belt, I think of God and how He answers prayers!

Chad Clark, 19, is a finance and economics major at Arizona State University near his home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He enjoys playing basketball and football, cars, friends, and the beach. By the way, his family did finish building their house in Hermosa Beach, California, and Chad enjoys going there for long weekends.

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