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Down and Dirty in Ecuador: UW19

From: Tompaul Wheeler

Description: Get in on the action with the teens who flew to Ecuador for Ultimate Workout 19.

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Have been a huge advocate for this movie and evryething it stood for since I first saw it at our local drive-in theatre. I was apx 12 yrs old. Also still crazy crushing on Tom Laugh in nearly 40 yrs later..:-) . Would care to know more about your fanily's views on how best to help better this planet of ours. Therevarevso many organizations, don't know which ones are creditable or not. Very interested in helping the poverty stricken and women and children in Africa, helping to educate the women on preserving their health, and helping with the sick who get no help, (especially the women with HIV, or wherever the need is greatest there. Thpyght you might know a good place for this one humble Hoosier to start. I will most likely never be in a position to ever actually make it there to help in person, which is a life long dream, but there has to be something I can do. Even if it's just making one day, in one life a little brighter. Need a reputable place to begin. Also want, w

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