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Video Blog 004: I Think I'm Gay

From: Chip Dizard

Description: A discussion board post about having feelings for a friend of the same sex led to this discussion between Dwain Esmond, Eddie Hypolite and Matthew Gamble. They share some ideas about how to process these feelings that may be helpful for yourself or for someone you know.

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Seeing as these comments are cleared by a moderator, my request would be that this video be taken down. I think that this is too heavy of a topic to have a message like this left in eternal cyber space when Eddie and I were literally put on the spot. This discussion deserves just that... more of a discussion. My request would be to pull it down. Matthew Gamble Lead Pastor Elmshaven SDA Church (aka The Haven Napa Valley) (206) 423-1991


Hey all... I'm just seeing this video for the first time in a long time. And I just want you to know that I would answer this differently today than I did when I was asked to comment back then. If you'd like to contact me, feel free... Matthew Gamble Lead Pastor The Haven Napa Valley


Dear GayinTennessee: While the SDA Church doesn't officially accept homosexual practice and relationships (here's the official statement:, please know that there are people in the church who see this topic differently, and I think you might find a lot of common ground with them. Here's a site that might interest you: It's a group "supporting and advocating for gay Adventists since 1976." I'm a Seventh-day Adventist, and I don't know where I personally stand on the issue yet. I just know that I want to make all people feel welcome in the body of Christ. If you ever came to my church, I would welcome you with open arms.


I have been gay all my life and am 64 years old - not stopping now - but looking for a church that is accepting and healthy. Seventh-day Adventist loss. Several churchs realize there is no comparison to being gay and the sin of theft of a candy bar. It seems having six or more childern and overpopulating the world is welcome by the Seventh-day Adventist.


The issue about sexuality is one that our world and even Christendom have struggled with for ages. It's really difficult getting many mixed messages from people who think they have the answer to this issue. I think a better approach is to come humbly and acknowledge our limitations when it comes to explaining things relating to sexuality. If really someone's "wired" heterosexually, that person has no jurisdiction telling someone who's "wired" homosexually about how to act, what to do and itís appropriateness. Let the person with the relevant credibility offer the advice. These video comments by the pastors provide "correct" answers which as an opinion donít help. Those who crucified Jesus also thought they were protecting the laws of God, so itís important to know sometimes, we, mortals can have issues twisted. We should just be careful in our conclusions. The pictures many times that we paint of God are antithetical to God's persona. As an o

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