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From: matthewgamble Date: 2/9/2014
Seeing as these comments are cleared by a moderator, my request would be that this video be taken down. I think that this is too heavy of a topic to have a message like this left in eternal cyber space when Eddie and I were literally put on the spot. This discussion deserves just that... more of a discussion. My request would be to pull it down. Matthew Gamble Lead Pastor Elmshaven SDA Church (aka The Haven Napa Valley) (206) 423-1991

From: matthewgamble Date: 2/9/2014
Hey all... I'm just seeing this video for the first time in a long time. And I just want you to know that I would answer this differently today than I did when I was asked to comment back then. If you'd like to contact me, feel free... Matthew Gamble Lead Pastor The Haven Napa Valley

From: NotSureWhereIStandonThis Date: 9/10/2012
Dear GayinTennessee: While the SDA Church doesn't officially accept homosexual practice and relationships (here's the official statement:, please know that there are people in the church who see this topic differently, and I think you might find a lot of common ground with them. Here's a site that might interest you: It's a group "supporting and advocating for gay Adventists since 1976." I'm a Seventh-day Adventist, and I don't know where I personally stand on the issue yet. I just know that I want to make all people feel welcome in the body of Christ. If you ever came to my church, I would welcome you with open arms.

From: gayintennessee Date: 9/7/2012
I have been gay all my life and am 64 years old - not stopping now - but looking for a church that is accepting and healthy. Seventh-day Adventist loss. Several churchs realize there is no comparison to being gay and the sin of theft of a candy bar. It seems having six or more childern and overpopulating the world is welcome by the Seventh-day Adventist.

From: Toks Date: 3/18/2011
The issue about sexuality is one that our world and even Christendom have struggled with for ages. It's really difficult getting many mixed messages from people who think they have the answer to this issue. I think a better approach is to come humbly and acknowledge our limitations when it comes to explaining things relating to sexuality. If really someone's "wired" heterosexually, that person has no jurisdiction telling someone who's "wired" homosexually about how to act, what to do and itís appropriateness. Let the person with the relevant credibility offer the advice. These video comments by the pastors provide "correct" answers which as an opinion donít help. Those who crucified Jesus also thought they were protecting the laws of God, so itís important to know sometimes, we, mortals can have issues twisted. We should just be careful in our conclusions. The pictures many times that we paint of God are antithetical to God's persona. As an o

From: Random Date: 1/26/2011
This is really awesome stuff. Unfortunately a lot of people immediately jump to the conclusion that any christian talk upon this topic will be biased. But seeing this video is really great proof to know that there are christians who are not biased and know God and Scripture well. Showing the love God has for everyone no matter what they have or are doing. This is also great material to share. =]

From: truth Date: 10/13/2010
I am a bit disappointed that they did not share with the young people how they can get the victory. The question was asked by David in Psalms 119:9,10,11. How shall a young man cleanse his way? Then he goes on to give the answer. By taking heed according to thy word. I am not understanding how someone comes to you and ask how they can get out of their sin and you not give the answer. Ya'll pray we are near the end.

From: oh wow Date: 7/3/2010
Processing a sinful idea is what Eve did right before she ate the forbidden fruit. There is nothing to process regarding sin. Jesus says confess your sins to me for I am faithful and just to forgive your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. I am sorely disappointed that three pastors were so busy being politically correct that none of them came back with a thus and thus saith the Lord. Yes God loves sinners. God also hates sin and is coming back to destroy it. Why? Because sin is selfish and destructive and diametrically opposed to God and the godly. As the pastor said, the world is not making excuses. Why should "pastors" of God make excuses for God? The wisdom of man is foolishness to God. It is not up to us to try and explain why the same God Who burned down Sodom and Gomorrah also is the same God Who died on Calvary for all sinners. We are to trust and obey. When we learn like Samuel that to obey is better than sacrifice, there will be less "debate" and

From: hey Date: 5/31/2010
@Yes weak, many people who struggle with this same sex attraction have been sinned against when they were young either through sexual abuse, neglect, role-reversal, and other patterns. Like any other thing, there are resources to help like and Jesus is always the answer and these are some tools He's put in place to deal with it for complete healing.

From: Yes weak. Date: 5/26/2010
I agree. This is standard rhetoric that every Christian pastor has said before. Nothing new here. And clearly no new insight, (no pun intended) for any person who struggles. Why do they assume all people who struggle are young? What do they offer someone who has no attraction to the opposite sex? To many unanswered question that they could have answered. They only offered safe, vague rehash........

From: Shane Date: 5/3/2010
Praise the Lord! Thank you guys for your sensitivity and Godly love in your comments/advise. Thank you Insight for being so "real" about this and caring enough about young people who are struggling with same-sex relations, or dare I say it - homosexuality (a word that so many in the church cringe to even pronounce). It's well past time that our Adventist church came to grips with the fact that it does and is happening with in our church and ignoring it will not do anything positive for anyone. Young people (and not so young) are crying out for help, sometimes in the strangest ways. May God keep blessing Dwain and Pastors Eddie and Matt.

From: disappointed adventist Date: 4/6/2010
wow, what weak, cliche arguments. very disappointing.

From: Jacey Date: 4/1/2010
Yeeahhh! Pastor Eddie and Dwain! Two guys I enjoyed hearing speak at the Youth Rally in Seattle and the Pathfinder Teen Retreat at Sunset Lake! You guys are AMAZING keep living for God!

From: John Date: 7/17/2009
We must remember that the goal is not to become straight but to become holy. Whether or not God chooses to take the feelings away we must choose to remain holy. It's a struggle for me every day but God is always near to me.

From: Jackson Date: 8/27/2008
A different point of view:

From: jinx-girl Date: 3/24/2008
it is important for us to understand that we are to follow the will of God at any cost no matter the price.For those of you who are struggling with these problems, there is nothing to hard for the lord to do. the mainstream media is trying to sway us into believing contrary to what God has given in his words. i hope you were inspired by this clip and we all must remember that Jesus truly is the answer to all our problems, God bless you all....

From: lanafalana Date: 3/14/2008
they made some very valid points that will help us all as we go through the ups and downs of life - somethings are harder than others... Our sins are not up to God's standards and we must not conform to them but be transformed by God. Something to think about the next time we struggle with our sins.

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