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Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Workout Memories

Workout 21:Chiapas, Mexico
July 2011, 2011
UW21 returned to the jungles and villages of Chiapas, Mexico, but it had a few new tricks up its sleeves, including the first-ever Collegiate Project, exclusively for ages 18-24. On the Pistingen site, every participant was brand-new, and every staff member had started out in years past as a teen participant. Groups built six churches, reached out to their communities in service projects, and got a taste of Mexico on excursions, including the Palenque ruins. UW21 showed that when you give God a chance, incredible things will happen--from the inside out.

Workout 20:Chiapas, Mexico
July 2010, 2010
Ultimate Workout 20 brought teens to Chiapas, Mexico, where the Adventist church is growing rapidly. Participants built five churches, put on Vacation Bible Schools, and served their communities, from painting and trash cleanup to appearing on a local radio station. And in the Ultimate Workout Beyond group, teens took charge of every staff position for the second year in a row, with two adult coaches there to mentor and get out of the way. For the first time, a few participants travelled full-time with a medical group, getting hands-on experience while making a real difference.

Workout 19:Equador
July, 2009
Puyo, Ecuador. The town's name means "cloudy," and it's where the mountains meet the Amazon rainforest. In July 2009, five groups of teens built two schools and two one-day churches, and conducted Vacation Bible Schools, medical clinics, and other creative outreach. It was a chance to stretch skills, get away from the everyday, and take a leap of faith with God.

Workout 18:Chile
July 15-29, 2008
Chile's the longest, skinniest country in the world, and on UW18, participants got a taste of its desert north. UW18 built three churches--in Barrio Norte, Mejillones, and Nueva Jerusalen--and the Playo Brava group mixed things up as the first all-outreach group in Ultimate Workout history. Teens started off as strangers and soon became family, as they lived, worked, played, and ministered together. When the four groups united at trip's end for a day of play, worship, and reflection, lives had changed, eyes had opened, and souls had stirred.

Workout 17:Ecuador
July 17-30, 2007
A journey to the center of the Earth? From the equator in Quito, south and down the mountainside to San Carlos, Las Mercedes, San Clemente, Isidro Ayora and Babahoyo, the Ultimate Workout 17 hit the ground running. A record number of participants and staff--for the first time, more than 200--built five churches (and countless muscles), worked up a sweat, waved off mosquitoes, swam in rivers, explored their spirituality, and experienced the incredible power of God.

Workout 16:Peru
July 9-24, 2006
From the outskirts of Chiclayo (Fany Abanto, Pueblo Nuevo, and Kennedy) to the small town of Cayalti to the mountain heights of Santa Cruz, UW16 spread out over northwestern Peru. Over 180 teens and staff in five groups built five churches, conducted outreach and Vacation Bible Schools, and dug deep into their spirituality. Friends were made, skills were sharpened, hearts were softened, and God's love shone through. Watch the video here.

Workout 15:Peru
July 11-26, 2005
When the jungle calls, the UW answers. Participants built four churches, served over 2000 people in medical clinics, and met a lot of funky animals in the Amazon basin of Peru--all in the service of God. From Rossman to San Juan to Santo Tomas and all the way upriver to Caballococha, UW 15 brought new challenges, new dimensions, and new joy.

Workout 14:Peru
July 13-26, 2004
The Ultimate Workout heads south of the equator to build five churches in Peru: Cesar Vallejo, La Concordia, Nueva Esperanza, Punta Negra, and Villa Marina. 161 teens and staff worked, laughed, played, sang, and worshiped.

23 brand new photos as of March 21, 2005.

Workout 13:Dominican Republic
July 8-21, 2003
Once more with feeling: From Alfra to Emmanuel, La Higuera to Villa Guerrero, 131 teens and staff built four churches and conducted innovative outreach. When not sweating, singing, shoe-shining, or leading Vacation Bible School, they found time to snorkel, body-surf, and grow in God. Now that's service.

Workout 12:Dominican Republic
July 9-22, 2002
The Ultimate Workout returned to one of its earliest realms, the Dominican Republic, this time heading out to the Bani and desert areas to build four churches. 141 teens and staff mixed it up in Escondido, Canafistol, Fidelidad and Camino a Canaan.

Workout 11:Costa Rica
July 10-23, 2001
Aguas Zarcas--the land of much water. Solania--a place unto itself. Paraiso--paradise in the mountains. El Silencio--the quiet place. And Guatuso--a group like no other. In Costa Rica, the Ultimate Workout reached new heights, as 192 teens and staffs built four churches, conducted Vacation Bible Schools, and mingled with their communities.

Workout 10:Nicaragua
July 11-24, 2000
Teens in five groups built four churches and a school in Nicaragua. From the shantytown of Ciudadela ("little city") to the mountain village of San Dionesio, to the town of San Isidro, the village of LaHabana and the city of Esteli, UW participants made a world of difference in Nicaragua--and in themselves.

Workout 9:Honduras
July 13-26, 1999
Teens in four different groups built churches, worked in medical and dental clinics, led Vacation Bible School, and spoke at evangelistic meetings. In the small town of Barranco Chele, the hillside village of Rio Claro, the riverside community of Mangaseca, and the town of Sonaguera, participants discovered a whole new world of service.

Workout 8 :Venezuela
July 12-27, 1998
75 teens built four churches, conducted evangelistic meetings and Vacation Bible School, and assisted with medical/dental clinics.

Workout 7:El Salvador
June 13-27, 1997
80 teens built three churches, helped construct a school, conducted Vacation Bible School, and assisted with medical/dental clinics.

Workout 6:Panama
July 15-28, 1996
100 teens built three churches, helped construct a school, conducted Vacation Bible School, and assisted with medical/dental clinics.

Workout 5:Mexico
June 12-25, 1995
77 teens built a school in Cuahtemoc, Mexico, conducted Vacation Bible School, and assisted with medical/dental clinics.

Workout 4:Mexico
June 14-26, 1994
38 teens built a church.

Workout 3:Guatemala
July 6-20, 1993
41 teens helped build a school.

Workout 2 :Dominican Republic
July 22-August 3, 1992
27 teens constructed a Sabbath school building next to a church and conducted Vacation Bible School.

Workout 1:Honduras
August 4-15, 1991
30 teens helped build an orphanage and conducted Vacation Bible School.

Debut Trip:Brazil
August 12-30, 1990
14 teens assisted on medical launches along the Amazon River and helped construct a mission camp near Manaus.

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