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Next Workout

Find out more about 2012's Ultimate Workout in Nicaragua.

UW Memories

See snapshots from past Workouts along with the names of participants and a message center for sending a shout to your old compadres.

UW History

How did the Workout start? Here's the real story. More...

UW Links

The official site with the 411.

Maranatha Volunteers International
The organization that makes it all possible, providing funding and arranging the locations.

Involve Youth
Steve Case brings it all together with essential leadership and expertise.

Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Workout History

Where did this come from?

In the late 1980s Chris Blake, Insight's editor back then, was running on a treadmill with his friend Mark Ford. They began to talk about the importance of giving their souls a workout as well as their bodies. How could they make their sweat count for eternity?

That slogan --"Make Your Sweat Count" --appeared in Insight soon afterward in a column called Workout, trumpeting the life-changing impact of short-term mission trips. In 1990 Chris worked with Ted Wick, then North American Division youth director; Mark Driskill, public relations director for ADRA; and Don Noble, president of Maranatha Volunteers International, to create an actual short-term mission trip experience for Insight readers. Called "The Trip," this first adventure drew 14 teens--12 girls and two guys!

After the success of the first trip, Chris decided to make Insight's mission trip an annual event, and thus began "The Ultimate Workout" as we know it today. The next year Maranatha Volunteers International, total experts in mission trips, agreed to coordinate and sponsor the Ultimate Workout, and several years later Steve Case, president of Piece of the Pie Ministries and the ultimate mission trip leader, agreed to oversee the nitty-gritty planning details of the Ultimate Workout. Since then the trip has mushroomed into a six-site extravaganza of teams building churches, schools, and relationships with God and others.

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