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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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can we? me. 11/29/2008
I've heard that adventists can't go out with non-adventists.Please give me Bible verses that will convience me this.Can an adventist go out with a christian?
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It's not a good idea to date someone who is not of your beliefs. It causes too much conflict in the end. And trying to convert them to make them Adventist to date them is not good. That's quite selfish. Only God can change someone's heart. Trying the convert-to-date method will cause the convertee to follow in the faith because of the converter, not because of God.
-- By: Jaydin

rebuking sin audlyns 9/18/2008
A question; Should church leaders go on the pulpit and openly rebuke members ot their sins?
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This is such great advice for a paenrt with multiple children. I know when I was little, my one on one time with my mom was always grocery shopping. We would go together and try to decide the most delicious meals for everyone. It was so much fun for me (no wonder I like cooking and baking now!) and I got my mom to myself. I do think getting to vary up the activities would have been nice though; I do wonder how my mom spent time with my other sisters.
-- By: Konstantin

Adventist relationships Alexandra 8/30/2008
Hi, this question is partly about me as it is about my mother. My mother was married to an adventist man who abused her verbally and physically and she was in this relationship for 17 years. She then divorced him and the adventist church ridiculed her and shafted her. Now she is a single mother taking care of both me and my sister, and looking for that special someone. However, because of how she was treated by adventists she doesn't go the adventist church and is dating a non-christian who still does not treat her as well as I would hope. All I want is for her to find someone special in her life that will treat her with respect, but that special someone doesn't seem to exist. And now I'm worried, because I don't seem to believe in love anymore. I don't think I will find it, because to this day, I've never seen a long-lasting relationship in my family. I don't know if you understand the point I'm trying to get across but, I'm just really confused a
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I'm really sorry to hear about the pain your mother has gone through. I agree with Melissa that it's a bad idea to paint all Adventist men with one brush. I know several who are very kind and loving. But I want to get at your deeper question, which is whether or not you will find a love that will last. I really feel you on that. The Bible tells us that "God is Love"(1 John 4:16).
-- By: Dwain

Love or Not Sherice 8/3/2008
I've recenty started seriously hate boys. All the boys I've ever met always tell me that they love me and hurt me so bad. And when I tell them I'm not interested in them they wont leave me alone.Once when I told a boy no, he dragged me in an alleyway and told me that if I dont date him he would hurt me. I'm so scared. I dont know what to do. He knows where I live and if I tell the police he will get his friends on me. I'm innocent...all i said was "No"
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Don't think all guys are like that coward. Think of it this way, Jesus was a guy and he was definetly NOT like that abusive lowdown dirty boy. And deffinitly tell your parents, pray and tell the police. than if it's Gods will get away maybe go visit your aunt or uncle or grandparents or a close friend you trust and your parents trust until like Cowgirl says he cools off or the police get this creep away.
-- By: sunrise3000

love mauricio (morhede) 5/10/2008
I met this girl on a uw17 trip with maranatha and we got on very well, its like we were ment 4 eachother we both want to go to the same school and study the same thing, but i dont know how to approach her or tell her that i like her, she lives in america and i live in london, she is also 1 half years older than me, so she is going to college this year nd im going in 2 years, were we really meant 4 eachother or what? should i just tell her hoe ifeel? or jus wait till i go 2 colleg? but it mite be tooooo late HELP SUM1!!!!
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I'm not sure you are in love. It seems like you are deeply infatuated. You seem young (older people don't really notice the age gap of six months, if that is what you mean by 1 half year). I suppose there is no harm in telling her how you feel you are sure if that's the risk you want to take. A long distance relationship can be very stressful though.
-- By: Damita

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