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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Am i bad Mr. Very Confuesed 7/25/2009
i love goth girls because i think they look nice, i like the attitude and dress. am i bad
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u need to send more details for me to answer
-- By: chante

Dont Understand Mr. Very Confuesed 7/25/2009
I have a very important question to ask, people in the church and everywhere else keep talking about "love". What is love? Is it a feeling, emotion, principle, or deed your forced to do to make people happy?
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Love is like the wind...You can't see it but you can feel it...
-- By: vs

Chasity Tina 5/23/2009
Chasity? they say it like it is a vulgar word of some sort. Yes Chasity, I don't think society remembers that word at all. I think more and more teenagers espically in the Seventh Day Adventist Church are loosing their Virginity, there is one girl 18 who is expecting a baby and in the seventh day adventist church. I just want to say to everyone that I don't think you should ever loose your virginity only until you are married so you are in a secure relationship. Don't believe his or her lies "Baby I love you, I am going to marry you might as well practice" Stand strong!
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that we should to wait to be marierd and give ourselves unto our husband, but realising today's society of girls and young women many of us aren't waiting for that day for the ones that are I salute you. I'm 15 years old and have come close twice to giving my virginity to my current 17 year old boyfriend it's great that he doesn't pressure me he truly loves and respects my feelings on the subject.
-- By: Snowwhite

The Horomnes control me! Tina 1/30/2009
Hormones can be defined as chemical's which carry out messages to certain parts of the body. Well I bet loads of hormones are being aimed towards the "Love" department. As I have got exams coming up& etc. I want to keep my mind clear and only fill it with knowledge.Well I've been finding my mind has swayed and, I finding I'm being attracted to boys. I'm not obsessed with them but merely admiring them. Do you think I should stop these feelings? And How? Thank you for all your answers and solutions.
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Wait, I cannot fathom it being so starrghtfoiwrad.
-- By: Spud

This Love? Tina 1/23/2009
Mary Mary a USA based Christian musicians made that song. Personally it is one of my favorites ,but when I look more in to the actual word Love what does it mean? Dicitionary definition LOVE-to have a strong feeling of affection for someone, combined with sexual attraction; The word love is an overused and abused word. We say we love you when we don't really mean it or in other content. We say we love God but when around our friends we do not shine with the glory of God. People these days might know each other for a week and start confessing "I love you" without even meaning it. Love is such and easy word to say. But it is a hard word to act out. Having strong emotions for someone could just be lust or hormones, we never think about the personality. Imagine your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner in 40 years time. Completely changed probably put on weight, unable to do many things they were able to 20 years ago. Can you look through the outside and actually say in
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what is love not even the intellectual minds can define it you have to feel it for urself no one can tell u wat it is cuz its different for evryone. stop questionin wat love is cuz i dunt kno wat it is , the dictionary can define it but there will alwayz be sumthing missing .. but juss to let u kno love is a feeling that you dunt want to waste it on sumone who wont share or give it to you cuz in t
-- By: frenchiie

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