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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

What do YOU think?

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Raccoon Cabin
Date Issued: 07.01.17

Occasionally I hear people tell how God recently revealed Himself to them. Then someone asks the person how they know that the revealing was from God, at which point ...

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Camp Meeting Ambush
Date Issued: 06.24.17

We called them vegecops. I don’t know who invented the name, but we thought it was pretty clever.

They were actually pastors who turned into security officers during ...

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Wings Are Free
Date Issued: 06.17.17

The motorcycle and I were 12 feet above the ground when I suddenly found reli­gion. That was the peak. If I couldn’t find God here, chances of finding Him elsewhere were ...

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Hair, Hair, Everywhere
Date Issued: 06.10.17

I’m going bald,” I told my older sister, Sonja, as we stepped into a boutique.

“No, you’re not,” Sonja replied with­out looking up at me.



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Someday She'll Know You
Date Issued: 06.03.17

I was embarrassed at first when my friends came over. Mom would ask them the same questions again and again. They never said a word, but I saw their glances to each other when they ...

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My Roommate, the Ex-con
Date Issued: 05.27.17

I never knew there could be such an object lesson in packing.” My roommate’s sudden statement came after two hours of heavy silence that had come between us as we ...

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World-class Dumb
Date Issued: 05.20.17

 My dog is dumb. 

We’re talking major leagues here. Jenny ...

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Body Slam
Date Issued: 05.13.17

Don’t jump!”

A gust of wind tore the shout from Mike Rosich’s mouth and blew it across the dark waters of the Snake River. From his position on a concrete pier ...

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Date Issued: 05.06.17

It’s been called the best act of sportsmanship in years, and it happened on a softball field in Ellensburg, Washington. 

The women’s softball team from ...

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Date Issued: 04.29.17

I was the perfect, loyal girlfriend. I noticed his every move—the way his dark hair fell bluntly over his eyes, the way he walked, ran, sat, and ate. I knew where he lived, the color ...

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Beat Stoy Yeager
Date Issued: 04.22.17

Beat Stoy Yeager. That’s all I heard for about two years.

Coach Pupke caught me after school the second day of eighth grade at Lincoln Junior High. “Hey, wait ...

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The Lamb Who Would Not Cry
Date Issued: 04.15.17

In the far corner of the veranda slumped a large sheep. The dirty, matted wool on its chest was slowly absorbing the blood that streamed from deep fang wounds.

The ...

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