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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Date Issued: 02.26.17

Every night the boy prayed that his father would quit smoking.

Every day he hung over the back of his father’s easy chair as a nimbus cloud of blue-gray pipe smoke formed ...

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Wave as You Go By
Date Issued: 02.18.17

One month to the day before Christmas, Elizabeth Muir fell across her ironing board and died. Just the week before, she had celebrated her first pension check by taking Malcolm out ...

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Connect the Dates
Date Issued: 02.11.17

We were sitting around not studying biology one night when Brian, my roommate, bragged to me, “Last year I had three dates with three different women on one weekend.”


“So ...

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The Success Formula
Date Issued: 02.04.17

Megs!” Jennifer called for the second time.

“OK, Jennifer, OK.” Megs walked down the hall into the end office where Jennifer, the pretty graduate student secretary, ...

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Date Issued: 01.28.17

As hard as I try, I can’t remember when I first saw Annie. She was just sort of always there—a pail of sudsy water in her hands, a great, throbbing smile on her face.


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The Yellow Shirt
Date Issued: 01.21.17

So, this was my first college history class. The instructor walked in. He wore a shockingly yellow shirt ...

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Wear It On the Inside
Date Issued: 01.14.17

Standing in the bedroom doorway, I watch as she searches through her closet. A large blue bathrobe wraps snugly around her ample figure, and her freshly washed hair is wound up in curle...

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Mr. Barracuda
Date Issued: 01/07/17

had a freshman comp teacher once who was as charming as a smashed fingernail. The class called him Mr. Barracuda.

I bring up Mr. Barracuda because, ...

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Date Issued: 12.24.16

 The two of us stood before the simple Nativity scene in front of the high altar in the old Norman church beside the river Dove. We gazed with something approaching awe at the representation ...

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Angels With Brussels Sprouts
Date Issued: 12.17.16

When I was a sophomore in college, my roommate, Robert, volunteered me to serve in a local Christmas project. Robert, an incurable optimist, felt confident ...

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Silent Applause
Date Issued: 12.10.16

 Once there was a girl I did not like. This did not happen often; usually I liked something about everyone. But not Nell. For one thing, she giggled. She was a freshman, she wore ...

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Once I Lived Forever in a Smile
Date Issued: 12.03.16

remember riding to church in the backseat of a 1937 Ford. I remember wearing shorts, suspenders, and a bow tie to church. I remember carrying offering until ...

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