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Carl Kishbaugh2012/10/15I serve as the Global Pastoral Care Coordinator for a missionary ozginirataon. Concerning social media, I am assuming you are thinking about FaceBook, Twitter and others. About the only application I would think of might be to post resources or to alert our folks to links/videos. We do not use social media platforms for any personal work with our staff, because of the nature of those conversations and confidentiality.Carl

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How Your Church Works, Part 3
Date Issued: 07.04.15


This three-part series addresses how unity, structure, and authority work together for mission in the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist ...

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What Is Your Mission?
Date Issued: 06.27.15

Mission, outreach, service. These words mean different things to different people. But as we think about mission, I believe it’s helpful to look at ...

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Finding My Father in a Story
Date Issued: 06.20.15

The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I read the last few lines of text on the computer screen. I was ...

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Save a Life . . . Sell a Kidney!
Date Issued: 06.13.15

In my personal experience, which was that a dear friend of mine donated her kidney to me for purely altruistic ...

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The Gift of Service
Date Issued: 06.06.15

I always wanted to have a big family, probably because I could count on my two hands the number of members in mine. So when my mother remarried, it was quite exciting to find out I had new ...

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God's Not Dead Pt. 3b
Date Issued: 05.23.15

On September 8, 1900, a terrible storm struck Galveston, Texas. Stu-dents of American history say it was the greatest natural disaster this country has ever experienced. Over 10,000 people ...

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God's Not Dead, Pt. 3
Date Issued: 05.16.15

God is not dead! As we discovered the past two weeks, God’s existence is revealed through reason, science, Bible prophecy, and personal experience. It was never God’s intention ...

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God's Not Dead, Pt. 2
Date Issued: 05.09.15

David was just the pizza delivery guy! The Bible says he was sent by his father to bring cheese and flour to ...

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God's Not Dead Pt. 1
Date Issued: 05.02.15

Have you ever had to defend God? Have you ever had to speak up on His behalf in a hostile environment? Or maybe, like me, you have always believed God will ...

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Date Issued: 04.18.15

The audience sat in silence as the words lingered on the screen: “The film you are about to ...

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My "Church School" Experience
Date Issued: 04.11.15

Hello, I’m Angelica, the product of 13 years of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) education. I am currently enrolled in an Adventist academy. I’m in twelfth grade, go 2015! I’m ...

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Authentic, Part 4
Date Issued: 04.04.15



Today I’m writing to you from seat 38C on Alitalia flight number AZ 0620 at approximately 35,000 feet over ...

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