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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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My Life in Pohnpei
Date Issued: 07.24.10

I lived in Anderson, Indiana, for nine years and thought I had everything there was for a great American life. I attended a nice private school during the week, a traditional church on ...

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Walking the Edge
Date Issued: 07.17.10

When I was 16, my family went on a church camping trip in eastern Oregon. The campground was situated on a bluff overlooking Lake Billy Chinook.
There were two ways down to the lake: ...


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Celebrating Purity
Date Issued: 07.03.10

The Revelation Worldwide Purity Ball, jointly sponsored by the Revelation Worldwide  organization and the Youth Department of the Northeastern Conference, was a dream that originated ...

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Training for Heaven
Date Issued: 06.05.10
What are You trying to tell me, Lord? Please guide me and let me know what I need to do . . . and please give me the courage to do it, I prayed earnestly.
My ...

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"I Can Do All Things"
Date Issued: 05.29.10

H ave you ever thought that you were no good, that you couldn’t do anything right? I used to feel that way every day. People would make fun of me daily, and I would wonder why God ...

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Encountering God in Ethiopia
Date Issued: 05.22.10

A road trip in an ambulance over a gravel road sounded like a crazy idea, and it was. But it seemed like our only option. I was working as outer clinics director at Gimbie Adventist Hospital ...

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Making an Impact
Date Issued: 05.15.10

What do teens struggle with today?  Our appearances? Our cultures? Our status? Our financial status? I would say we search desperately for answers in all of these areas of our lives.


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One Long, Scary Walk
Date Issued: 05.08.10

I hate you!”

I don’t remember exactly what it was that finally brought me to the point of saying something so ugly. Knowing me, it’s possible that my mother ...


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Pure in an Impure World
Date Issued: 05.01.10

I once dated a guy whose nickname was “Hands Across America,” often just “Hands” for short. I soon found out why—he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. ...

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Courage in Class
Date Issued: 04.24.10

The professor wasn’t even five minutes into his speech when he started in: “Of course, we all know that man has evolved from apes . . . or is there perhaps a Christian in this ...

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"Breathe, Justin, Breathe!"
Date Issued: 04.17.10

0ne of the longest basketball games ever played—69 days from opening tip to final buzzer—didn’t even run into overtime. The game began on December 2, 1993, and ended February ...

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Prayer "Prereqs"
Date Issued: 04.10.10

Why do some people get their prayers answered and I don’t? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever felt like it was impossible to get through to heaven?


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