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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

What do YOU think?

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Home Free
Date Issued: 11.05.11

Meet Janice Wagner, a true trailblazer. This energetic woman from east Texas has an infectious smile that’s mimicked by the bright-eyed children who encircle her as she teaches them ...

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Conquering Giants
Date Issued: 10.29.11

I woke up, and the memory of his face and the painful events reentered my mind. How many times will I see it? How many times will my dreams turn to nightmares? Anger, regret, and resentment ...

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Date Issued: 10.22.11

Goodbye. I love you,” I said to my family, who were standing on the porch, waving sadly. As I hopped up on the bus, I saw an empty seat right by my roommate. I can’t believe I’m ...

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Bad Sport
Date Issued: 10.15.11

Jordan, go in for Zach,” Coach Seltman yelled to me.

I jumped up off the bench and headed toward the scorer’s table. As I did, the coach grabbed me by the arm and ...


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My Ride on the Religious Roller Coaster
Date Issued: 10.08.11

I was born into a Seventh-day Adventist family, but I never got involved in the church much. When I turned 12, I got baptized, not really understanding what it meant.

The next ...

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Shaving Quarters
Date Issued: 10.01.11

They say that too much of anything can kill you. Certain diseases cause you to feel so parched and thirsty that you exceed your eight to 10 glasses so much that you die! Too much food can ...

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Modern-day Disciple
Date Issued: 09.24.11

I was raised an Adventist, so I always knew there was a God. But for me, He didn’t seem to be close by. I never really got to know Him as a Father and friend. I got baptized at the ripe ...

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Young and Old—U-N-I-T-Why?
Date Issued: 09.17.11

Quick quiz: Can you name three close friends you have who are 15 years (or more) older than you are? Have you attended three or more social events in the past six months with people in a different ...

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A Meaningful Obsession
Date Issued: 09.10.11

Do any of you obsess? Obsessing is what happens when you find yourself thinking about one thing all the time. 

I’ll admit, I have a tendency to obsess about things. ...


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Drink Choices
Date Issued: 09.03.11

It was a sunny Sabbath afternoon in southern California. Kammy, Julia, and I were sitting under the shade of a large oak tree, on a soft blanket, covering a small square of a grassy field.¹ ...

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Date Issued: 08.27.11

Man, it’s hot in here. Will they ever get us some AC? If they’re gonna keep us cooped up like this, they should at least hook us up with some fans or something. Why can’t ...

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Spiritual Warfare
Date Issued: 08.20.11

Here’s the scenario. Oops. Wait! Just got a text message. Brb. 

OK. Back now. 

Wait. I can’t write unless I have a can of soda and a bowl ...


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