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Secular Music: Why It Moves You
Date Issued: 02.07.09

Have you ever wondered just why music moves you? Why does a song about a girl kissing a girl stay the most played song in America for weeks, yet a song about our Savior, Jesus Christ, won’t ...

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Ultimate Workout 18: The Chilean Invasion
Date Issued: 01.31.09
Ultimate workout is a spiritually charged mission trip, a time when  youth can fellowship with each other while helping others. It’s a great opportunity for teens to gather ...

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One Way?
Date Issued: 01.24.09


Where are we going, man?”
It was the fifth time that John had asked that question in the past hour, so I was starting to get annoyed. ...

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“Me? Preach?”
Date Issued: 01.17.09

I've got to do what?”

I stared in astonishment at the elderly man grinning toothily at me. “Preach,” he said happily. “You must preach at the Takoradi ...

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Date Issued: 01.10.09

Excuse me, girls. I think you have something that isn’t yours.”

I wheeled around and found myself face-to-face with the raging, green eyes of an undercover security guard. ...

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Get Connected
Date Issued: 01.03.09

I have a bad habit of letting batteries die. Cell phone, laptop, MP3 player—you name it. Every time I’m doing something important, I’ll get that blinking red light or low-battery ...

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What have you done for Jesus this year?
Date Issued: 12.27.08

365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. 6,832,800 breaths of air. 42,048,000 heartbeats. That’s what God gave you this year! Now let’s calculate what you’ve ...

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Taking Back Christmas
Date Issued: 12.20.08

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord”  (Luke 2:11).

“Christmas.” Just saying the word conjures up emotional ...

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Hammering Out the Truth
Date Issued: 12.13.08

Kevin walked into his house and dumped his book bag at the bottom of the stairs. “Mom, I’m home,” he loudly announced.

“I’m in the kitchen,” his ...

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Another Day, Another Death
Date Issued: 12.06.08


Someone inside ...

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Rescued from a big decision
Date Issued: 11.29.08

Paper or plastic?”

“Cash or credit?”
“Do you want fries with that?”
Our lives are packed ...

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I'm Special
Date Issued: 11.22.08

A lot of people thought I’d never make it very far in life. At 18 I was living in a small city, separated from my parents for the first time. Even though I didn’t know how ...

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