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Carl Kishbaugh2012/10/15I serve as the Global Pastoral Care Coordinator for a missionary ozginirataon. Concerning social media, I am assuming you are thinking about FaceBook, Twitter and others. About the only application I would think of might be to post resources or to alert our folks to links/videos. We do not use social media platforms for any personal work with our staff, because of the nature of those conversations and confidentiality.Carl

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Battlefield Hollywood
Date Issued: 03.27.10

During an interview on Larry King Live, Madonna and Larry King were talking about Madonna’s daughter, who was 2 years old at the time, and how Madonna didn’t always give her everything ...

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Taking God to Town
Date Issued: 03.20.10

Whether you’re from the city or the country, just about everyone likes going to town. By town, I mean, the happening spot where people go to see, be seen, eat, laugh, and have a good ...

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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . .
Date Issued: 03.13.10

For the fiftieth time at your family reunion, an unknown relative walks up to you and asks what you plan to do with your life after high school. And, for the fiftieth time, you have no idea ...

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Decision in the Barracks
Date Issued: 03.06.10

t all started in the sixth grade when I went to my great grandmother’s funeral. There I was, right in the front of the crowd, scanning all the people who were gathered around the priest.


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God Answered Me
Date Issued: 02.27.10

Lord, God, what have I done? I cringed on the edge of the tub in my bathroom, mental agony streaming from my horrified mind. My torso slowly leaned forward onto my folded arms across my lap ...

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Going the Distance
Date Issued: 02.20.10

Winning is fun—and we realize this very early in life. If you’ve ever doubted the way we all celebrate our wins, just watch a 5-year-old squeal with delight when he sinks the final ...

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From PK to Drug Dealer and Back
Date Issued: 02.13.10

Eleven-year-old James Black, Jr., didn’t even blink when the class erupted into laughter. Today’s topic of discussion was his shoes. His face warmed in anger. Hadn’t he talked ...

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"Missing a Rib?"
Date Issued: 02.06.10

Excuse me. I believe one of your ribs belongs to me.”

Sound familiar? Have you ever heard or used this line?
Many parents today think that their children are going ...


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UW-19 A Growth Experience
Date Issued: 01.30.10

If you ever consider going on an extreme mission trip, consider going on Ultimate Workout (UW). And prepare to grow, to be transformed, and to serve God.

One of the main goals ...


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Date Issued: 01.23.10

With a slight kick of my foot I was able to finish sliding out of my winter boot. Behind me I could hear muffled conversations taking place. Glancing over my shoulder toward the church door, ...

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Addicted to Being Busy
Date Issued: 01.16.10

The sparkling blue waves and the sails whipping in the breeze had no effect on me. There I sat, stressed out, in the sunshine on our family boat. Trying to plan my senior year, I had written ...

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Wait for What You Deserve
Date Issued: 01.09.10

Many movies encourage you to date as many people as possible. “Be young and have fun while you can!” they seem to say. But they neglect to tell you the dangers that go along with ...

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