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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Gospel, Gun, and Grace
Date Issued: 04.16.11

When I was an 18-year-old college freshman at Oakwood University, I decided to dedicate my spring break to spreading God’s Word through literature evangelism, selling Christian books ...

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The Hard Way Out
Date Issued: 04.09.11

I peer with apprehension into the dark cave. It isn’t high enough for me to be able to stand up. I will have to crouch to get inside. I shine my flashlight around, skeptical, but I ...

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Transformed in Africa
Date Issued: 04.02.11

What do you girls think about going on a mission trip to Africa?” my dad inquired at the dinner table one early-spring night.

Almost simultaneously my sister and I responded, ...


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A Spiritual Compass
Date Issued: 03.26.11

The theme of this issue of Insight is Spiritual LIFE for college and beyond. The primary articles are first-person accounts of Seventh-day Adventist college students who have learned how to ...

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Who Controls You?
Date Issued: 03.19.11

Terrell dribbled the ball to half-court and shot. The ball dropped neatly through the hoop. He glanced at the scoreboard. It read Panthers 34, Chargers 36. If he could only get one more good ...

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Keeping Balance—Some Principles
Date Issued: 03.12.11

Quick, tell me something I need to know,” I said as I slid into the seat next to my friends before our psychology test.

“You didn’t study again?”


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Faith That Holds On
Date Issued: 03.05.11

It was the last weekend of October, senior presentation at Pine Forge Academy, and as I walked down the hill toward my dorm, I took a deep breath and smiled. The freshly cut grass seemed greener ...

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Always There
Date Issued: 02.26.11

So you’re doing the quizzing?” my close friend Alec* asked me.

I grinned. “Of course I’m doing the Awana quizzing! I wouldn’t miss it for the ...


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Unsuccessful Fight
Date Issued: 02.19.11

My jaw hurt. I had not braced myself for a punch to the face. There had been no reason for it, nor had I done anything to merit it. But now I was stunned for a second as I recovered my senses, ...

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When the Drama Is Missing
Date Issued: 02.12.11

So, you want to know what God has in mind for your life. “If I knew God’s will, I’d move full speed ahead,” someone said. Many Christian teens feel that way, but they ...

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Winning in Life
Date Issued: 02.05.11

This month, two NFL teams will meet in the Super Bowl. The game itself will last a mere 60 minutes, but in those fleeting minutes one team will be immortalized as champions. For years to come ...

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“Keep the Change”
Date Issued: 01.29.11

How much have you changed since you were a baby? Usually it’s the physical changes that we notice first—things observable on the outside. But what about internal changes—the ...

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