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I am 18 years old and waiting for any offer from university or offer from form 6 to continue my study. One thing that I concerned is to making a right and accurate decision. Whether to stay and continue my studies at my old school or move to another school.I don't know.I hope that I've already making a decision but everytime I think about that, I am scared.I don't know why.I try to convince myself about the decision that I make but I can't. I am asking for prayer here because I really hope that God will give me His answer and making it clear for me so then I can go with grateful heart.Thank You and Happy Sabbath.

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Missing Brandon
Date Issued: 09.06.08

The instant messenger screen popped up just as I was finishing my homework for the  week. It was Friday afternoon—finally the weekend. The past few days had been slightly stressful, ...

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Date Issued: 08.30.08

Last December I met Sylvester Paulasir, 22, from Beltsville, Maryland, at the Generation of Youth for Christ Congress held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We started talking, and he told me an ...

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Breakthrough in a Pew
Date Issued: 08.23.08

It seemed like everyone around me knew where they wanted to go to college, what they were going to major in, and what they were going to be when they grew up. Either they knew since they were ...

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"I Know"
Date Issued: 08.16.08

It’s obvious to me that the Lord saved me from a couple of car wrecks that were just about as bad as they could get. Add to that a few times He’s pulled me out of the water when ...

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Divine Encounter
Date Issued: 08.09.08

Sometimes the most out-standing experiences in life do not happen at once, nor are they realized when they happen. They sometimes take days, years, and reflection for people to understand ...

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Till Death Do Us Part
Date Issued: 08.02.08

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sitting exactly where you are—my life ahead of me, with choices to make. Should I continue with my education, perhaps get my master’s ...

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My Dying Heart
Date Issued: 07.26.08

After finishing summer classes at Atlantic Union College, on the way home I felt fierce pains in my stomach. I made it home, but for the next five days I couldn’t keep down any food ...

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Perfectly Imperfect
Date Issued: 07.19.08

I’m a pastor’s kid, also lovingly referred to as a PK. I don’t think anyone can understand my situation unless they’re a pastor’s kid themself. Not only have ...

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Great and Mighty Things
Date Issued: 07.12.08

Hi, my name is Eric. I’m a student working on a scholarship project. Instead of junk food, I’ve got something healthy. I’ll let you take a look.”


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God Held My Hand
Date Issued: 07.05.08

I still remember my mother telling me that she was going away for the weekend with some friends from work. She didn’t offer a lot of details, she simply said she was leaving Friday, ...

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ADDICT confessions of a gaming addict
Date Issued: 06.28.08

Several months ago I caught up with Brandon Anderson, a teen friend of mine, who told me about his struggle to overcome a video game addiction. Yeah, there is such a thing. We’d talked ...

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Ready to Jump
Date Issued: 06.21.08

Radio personality Paul Harvey tells a story of a man by the name of Ray Blankenship; a seemingly ordinary guy who did something extraordinary one summer morning.


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