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Carl Kishbaugh2012/10/15I serve as the Global Pastoral Care Coordinator for a missionary ozginirataon. Concerning social media, I am assuming you are thinking about FaceBook, Twitter and others. About the only application I would think of might be to post resources or to alert our folks to links/videos. We do not use social media platforms for any personal work with our staff, because of the nature of those conversations and confidentiality.Carl

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110 in 2010
Date Issued: 01.02.10

He’s religious about it. Rain or shine, whether feeling great or down in the dumps, he trains six hours a day, six days a week. It’s reported that even on holidays he refuses to ...

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Scared of the End
Date Issued: 12.26.09

When I was in third grade, I remember being out on the playground at school and looking up to see a white cloud that looked like a fist. And I immediately had a surge of fear, because I had ...

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Celebrity Jesus
Date Issued: 12.19.09

Hello, I’m Peter Jennings, and we have been searching for Jesus—as reporters, that is, because it’s an irresistible story. And whatever your faith or religion, there’s ...

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The Power of One
Date Issued: 12.12.09

The wind was blowing as I climbed aboard the 85 for the first time on my own. It was late June, and school had just ended. I was on my way to the rehabilitation center, the hospital where ...

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Waves Of Indecision
Date Issued: 12.05.09

A new day had already begun by the time I finally crawled into bed. Tired from a day of moving into my apartment for the coming school year, I needed a good night’s rest. But I coul...

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Go to Church, but You’re Not a Christian
Date Issued: 11.28.09

A recent Gallup poll found that the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Christians is dropping, while the percentage of Americans who don’t identify with any religion ...

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Is Satan Real
Date Issued: 11.21.09

Is Satan real? That’s not the same as asking, Do bad things happen? Of course they do! The question is, Is Satan real? In other words, is there somebody behind all the bad stuff that ...

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Bad Accident
Date Issued: 11.14.09

Everything looked foggy. All I could make out was a street lined with trees. On the ground were pieces of a car that I didn’t remember riding in. Sensing that something was wrong, I ...

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More Than Just a Day
Date Issued: 11.07.09

Does this describe your behavior on Sabbath? You go to church, and the first thing you look for in the bulletin is the sunset calendar. You spend the day at church, or you go home and fall ...

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Halloween Nightmare
Date Issued: 10.31.09

October 31. Twenty minutes till midnight.

Liliana slipped out the front door, closing it ever so softly behind her. She hadn’t even bothered asking her mother if she could ...


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On Fire
Date Issued: 10.24.09

The two prisoners were chained together at the wrist, waist, and ankle. A five-by-three-inch card was attached to each of their waists. One card read “3A” and the other &ldquo...

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Date Issued: 10.17.09

Mom, I’m home!” I yelled as I busted through the back door. The scents of tomato and garlic greeted me. I dropped my book bag on the floor and wandered into the kitchen. Still ...

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