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Hammering Out the Truth
Date Issued: 12.13.08

Kevin walked into his house and dumped his book bag at the bottom of the stairs. “Mom, I’m home,” he loudly announced.

“I’m in the kitchen,” his ...

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Another Day, Another Death
Date Issued: 12.06.08


Someone inside ...

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Rescued from a big decision
Date Issued: 11.29.08

Paper or plastic?”

“Cash or credit?”
“Do you want fries with that?”
Our lives are packed ...

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I'm Special
Date Issued: 11.22.08

A lot of people thought I’d never make it very far in life. At 18 I was living in a small city, separated from my parents for the first time. Even though I didn’t know how ...

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Talking God to School
Date Issued: 11.15.08

Have you ever wished that school could be more than going to class and studying? Well it is—it’s your life. When you think about it, most of your opportunities to get involved ...

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Fake I.D.
Date Issued: 11.08.08

Friday, 4:00 p.m.

I looked in the mirror and marveled at what I’d become. My dyed-black hair hung over my forehead, heavy with too much gel. Dark eye shadow lurked under ...

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Message from Down Under
Date Issued: 11.01.08


I wish I was special . . .
But I’m a creep
I’m ...


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One Dark Night
Date Issued: 10.25.08

I felt ecstatic when I arrived on my college campus for the first time! I walked right into my new dorm, signed in, and met my resident assistant. Then we climbed four flights of stairs ...

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Date Issued: 10.18.08

I slid across the back seat and buckled my seat belt as Ashley and Matt squeezed into the car, one on each side of me. Music thumped from the speakers. As the car rolled forward, Andrew began ...

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Do you have a sexually transmitted demon?
Date Issued: 10.11.08

 I went to public school. Sex is not a big issue in public school like it is in church and academy—at least I hope it’s still a big deal in Christian schools. In public school ...

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It's Time
Date Issued: 10.04.08

Since my dad is a church leader, he keeps me up-to-date with our church’s different plans for evangelism and outreach. One year it’s “Sow 1 Million”! Another year ...

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Adventure with God
Date Issued: 09.27.08

There I stood, face to face with a drunken madman holding a machete high above his head. My adrenaline pumped ferociously. Is this guy serious? What in the world did I do wrong? I asked myself. ...

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