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Do you sometimes feel that God can’t use you because of something that’s “wrong” with you?

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Life Sentence
Date Issued: 06.13.09

I was on the edge of my seat as the preacher kept repeating the phrase “Do you want a title or a testimony?” With a growl in his voice and sweat on his brow, he said, “Pharoah ...

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More Than Black And White
Date Issued: 06.06.09

That’s so not true!” I said with a look of disdain. “The world’s not racist like that!”

My friend Jordan shrugged and patted my shoulder. “One ...


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I Don't Believe in This Book
Date Issued: 05.30.09

Through our Web site a reader sent us this question: “How can I know that the Bible is inspired? If we use the Bible to prove the Bible, isn’t that circular reasoning? Is it ...

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Help Darfur
Date Issued: 05.23.09

Mr. Trott, may I make an announcement before class begins?” I ask as my Bible teacher sits down behind his desk.

“Sure, Mac, we don’t have much to cover today ...


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Learning About Love
Date Issued: 05/16/09

Perhaps you’ve been in this situation before: you meet a nice and attractive girl or guy, and immediately the relationship takes right off. In the span of just a few days, maybe even ...

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Date Issued: 05.09.09

In 2004 Mel Gibson brought the movie The Passion of the Christ to the Hollywood scene. The movie depicted in graphic detail the story of the last few days leading up to the crucifixion ...

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Live for Jesus
Date Issued: 05.02.09

In the 20 years that I’ve been alive, I’ve noticed a few things. The main thing I’ve noticed is that the world moves very fast. People around me are all so busy every day ...

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Albion Adventure!
Date Issued: 04.25.09

I want to tell you about an adventure my brother Leon, Wesley, and I had on our biology trip in Albion, California. When it came time for our class to go canoeing, I had wanted to canoe with ...

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Violence in the Living Room
Date Issued: 04.18.09

From my position in the bedroom window, I saw them—the men in blue. It had taken me two hours to work up the courage to secretly call them. Now they were standing at our front door, ...

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Extreme Experience
Date Issued: 04.11.09

On Sunday, August 17, 2008, most of the students who were planning to attend Highland View Academy this year were on campus with the faculty, playing ice-breaker games, which included the ...

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Allergic to Authority
Date Issued: 04.04.09

Alligators are fascinating creatures, or at least I thought so when I was 4 years old. My mom treated her day care kids to a day at the zoo, including me. All 12 of us children clasped each ...

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Missing Dad
Date Issued: 03.28.09

I sit across from my best friend, Kayla, at my favorite fast-food Mexican restaurant in the entire world, Taco Bueno. In the midst of talking about my mom, Kayla says, “Wait, I want ...

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