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Wanted First
Date Issued: 02.08.14

In high school I had a small group of best girlfriends. There were about five of us in all, and we did everything together. I went to a small rural school. There were about 600 people in our ...

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Sealed With A Kiss
Date Issued: 02/01/14

I was 16 years old the first time I really kissed a boy. I had thought about kissing one long before that, but to be quite honest, I was terrified. I had given a boy a peck on the lips in ...

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Date Issued: 01.25.14

Generation. Youth. Christ.

This movement has a very special place in my heart. Two years ago the conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, only 20 minutes from my home. My ...


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A Workout of Untimate Proportions
Date Issued: 01.18.14

It shouldn’t have worked. We were 34 people from four different countries, 17 states, and many cities. Most of us didn’t know each other. Our worship styles were different, we ...

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Strength Not Required
Date Issued: 01.11.14

I can’t do it! Please don’t make me do it! Please don’t make me do it! I covered my face as the tears fell into my hands. The people around me didn’t notice as I sank ...

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ThePerfect Family
Date Issued: 01.04.14

Bolts of sparkling lights shot into the black sky as people wrote a mental list of all they hoped to achieve. We were two hours away from the new year.

My mother busily prepared ...


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Copper Man
Date Issued: 12.28.13

It was a beautiful spring day. The sun warmed the newly refreshed earth and beckoned us to come out and enjoy it. So we did.

Being new in our city, we looked at the newspaper ...


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A Willing Heart
Date Issued: 12.21.13

Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).

It was that time of year, ...


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Lord, Save Me!
Date Issued: 12.14.13

The bright-yellow sun and the calm-blue sky seemed to be at odds with the roaring North Atlantic Ocean. As I stood on the beach that fateful morning, the ocean boasted of its power with abnormally ...

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My Drama Queen
Date Issued: 12.07.13

I remember my mother’s expression as she sat in that jail cell. Actually, she wasn’t sitting, she was reclining.

Resembling Cleopatra, she leaned on her side, propped ...


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The Back Left Tire
Date Issued: 11.30.13

So for two tires it’ll be $268.”

I nodded and started to take out my wallet. “Sounds good. Just replace the two tires with the least amount of tread.”


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A Bum Start
Date Issued: 11.23.13

Her name was Dorothy Rose. Most called her Dottie. Those who were closest to her called her Dot. I called her something else. I called her Mom.

She was many things to many people. ...


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