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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

What do YOU think?

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Date Issued: 10.01.16

He had an all-American look from the top of his blow-dried brown hair to the bottom of his black boots—a distance of some five feet two inches. But when Little Sammy spoke, his ’dese, ...

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Date Issued: 09.24.16

 On the weekend before Labor Day I wrestled with tears, fears, and guilt-ridden joy. I always cried when I left my parents to go back to school. My joy was gu...

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Date Issued: 09.17.16

I'm low-tolerant. Well, at least when it comes to some things. OK . . . when it comes to some people. 

There are ...

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The First 30 Minutes
Date Issued: 09.10.16

 Recently it occurred to me that my love for my king-sized bed may be more intense than my love for Christ! In fact, the other day I concluded that the greatest ...

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Date Issued: 09.03.16

My school roommate, Kate, had already landed a cushy summer job. She’d do secretarial work at the hospital at which her mom happened to be secretary ...

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Smiles in the Sunlight
Date Issued: 08.27.16

If I never see another box of Raisin Bran, it’ll be soon enough, I thought, slamming the last box of that brand on the shelf. This had not turned out to be my idea of a good evening...

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Girls, Girls
Date Issued: 08.20.16

So this is it.” I sighed as I flopped my suitcase on the bed, which slowly sagged and then collapsed altogether. I had never had the misfortune of venturing into one of these cabins. ...

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My Battle With the Blue Angels
Date Issued: 08.13.16

 I come from a place in California called Redding, which literally means “Whew, it’s like a sauna in here.” But residents of Redding are blessed with two lakes, two ...

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Date Issued: 08.06.16

Elizabeth Gilbert was about the only older lady in Collegedale, Tennessee, who wouldn’t wear polyester knit dresses. “Why don’t you get some knits for summer, Mother?” ...

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Ghost Limb
Date Issued: 07.30.16

The day she broke up with me, I walked with her along the railroad tracks behind Goodhew Ambulance. It was the first of the two summers I worked for Goodhew, and I wore a white Nehru jacket ...

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Hand in Hand
Date Issued: 07.23.16

Summer took its time coming to Bell Harbor. Like the waves along the shore, it advanced and receded again, until the sun at last made ...

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Good Sport? Not me!
Date Issued: 07.16.16
When I was in high school, I spent most of the Sabbath sermon time daydreaming about that night's game or about how good my newly purchased gym shoes would look.
After ...

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