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Have you stopped to think what your life would be like without the reality of Jesus’ resurrection? How can you effectively share the power of this life-changing truth with non-Christians?

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Children Left Behind
Date Issued: 11.2.13

The sun shone in the dusty blue sky of Johannesburg, South Africa, as we entered an orphanage that housed about 80 children. These children had been orphaned or abandoned as a result of AIDS ...

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Trick or Treat?
Date Issued: 10.26.13

Death’s gotten to be a bit of an obsession with us. From vampires to zombies, the dead and the undead, we’re fascinated. But . . . are we really? Or are we only interested in pretend ...

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The Dreaded Knock
Date Issued: 10.19.13

Knock, knock.

Oh no, not again. I peeked through a window to see two well-dressed, smiling young men standing at my front door. Each carried a couple of books in his arms. ...


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Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Date Issued: 10.12.13

Come on, ladies! Let’s go! You can do it! Shoot it now!” were the last words Coach Scott could say before the round soccer ball flew through the chilly air and sank deep within ...

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Date Issued: 10.05.13

Sabbath morning arrived during the second week of February, and the temperature was hovering barely above the zero mark. The forecast did not predict much warming for the day. An inch of fresh ...

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Two Tragedies That Brought Me Closer to the One
Date Issued: 09.28.13

Two events occurred that changed my life. One of them happened on October 29, 2012. It made me realize that you can’t take life for granted. It was about 10:00 p.m. and Hurricane Sandy ...

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Strength in Weakness
Date Issued: 09.21.13

I never imagined that God could use my sickness for His glory.

“What have I gotten myself into?” I cried as I curled up on top of the bed in my hotel room. I knew ...


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How To Fear God and Be Unafraid
Date Issued: 09.14.13

Fear God and give glory to Him” (Revelation 14:7).1  When God created us, He also built into our lives an alarm system to protect us from danger and hurt. One of the primary sensors ...

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Witnessing . . . With a Price
Date Issued: 09.07.13

Justin loved his Sabbath school class. His teacher made the Bible come alive. He didn’t stand in front of the class and preach, he gave the students activities to do that made them think.


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The Disappearance
Date Issued: 08.31.13

My brother warned me that my bags would be a problem.

I stood in front of the dining table in my parents’ house examining my belongings stacked on top of the surface. ...


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The Road to Nowhere
Date Issued: 08.24.13

I sat in the cafeteria, frozen at the sight of Kurt* walking toward me.

My friend Neena leaned over and whispered, “I think he’s coming this way!”


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Identify Theft
Date Issued: 08.17.13

Daily we hear a great deal about “identity”—identity theft, identity crisis, identity disorder, identity cards, etc. Our identity consists of those distinguishing traits ...

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