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From Seduction to Shame
Date Issued: 07.5.14

If it feels good, do it.” This is a pretty popular message in our world today, isn’t it? We’re encouraged to “have it our way,” and “live for right now,” ...

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Let Freedom Ring
Date Issued: 06.28.14

She was 83 years old and dying when I got the call that Grace wanted to be anointed and prayed for. So I and another elder from our church went to the hospital and prayed for her. A few days ...

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Grand Adventure
Date Issued: 06.21.14

Hey, Dad, can I go to the bottom?” I asked with a grin. I could tell right away from the look on his face that hiking down into the Grand Canyon wasn’t going to be part of our ...

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The Dreaded Double Line
Date Issued: 06.14.14

My hands trembled as I set the plastic stick on the bathroom counter. Then I started to pray. It was an incoherent prayer at best as my mind spun with a million different thoughts.


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Doing Hard Time!
Date Issued: 06.07.14

There comes a time in every person’s life that they have to choose what direction they want their life to follow. It is a decision that you may have to make more than once. However, ...

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Living Forward
Date Issued: 05.31.14

Addiction. A nasty little word reserved for people who smoke crack, horde tons of rubbish in their house, drink too much, gamble . . . things that are socially unacceptable. However, not all ...

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What’s It Look Like Now?
Date Issued: 05.24.14

Divorce. Arguments. Neglect. Abuse. Silence. Dominance and subservience. We all know married couples whose relationship resembles these and many other negative words. Even in the church, marriage ...

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Blasphe-you, Not Blasphe-me!
Date Issued: 05.17.14

When I was in school, we were quite silly. Jokes based on wording and rhymes were the thing, and everything was relatable to the Bible. This was especially true among theology majors at Oakwood ...

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What If . . .
Date Issued: 05.10.14

If you are like me, you grew up in the church. You may have participated in Pathfinders, or you may have won some Bible bowls. Maybe you were even a junior deacon, usher, or elder. You went ...

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Sixes and Sevens
Date Issued: 05.03.14

Growing up, I found certain Adventist Youth Society meetings quite funny. They were the ones dealing with sex. The adults never really knew what the kids were doing, and their stories and ...

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Proven by Fire
Date Issued: 04.26.14

The splendor of the stars shone out as tiny luminescent openings in an inky night sky. One of them shook, seemed to tremble as if on the cold breeze, and then fell toward a dot on the vast ...

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The Rabbit or the Resurrection?
Date Issued: 04.19.14

It was all about the bunny. When I was little, and before I became a Christian, Easter was all about the Easter Bunny. After all, he’s the one who hopped into our yard to hide eggs, ...

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