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August 19, 2005

My older sister has always been more of a fashionista when it comes to shoes. I’m very practical and won’t even buy a pair unless I can think of at least three outfits that they will go with. I have a pair of three inch strappy black sandals that I love so much though, I also own their silver counterparts. (Check the website in the coming weeks—I’m wearing the black in several of my 2006 shots). Last summer I left the silver pair at my mother’s house in South Florida, however, and I have yet to see them again!

See, in the months that followed that visit, my formerly sheltered town was hit by two hurricanes and my house was damaged fairly badly. The next time I came home, floors were stripped to their concrete foundation and the roof was covered in a bright blue tarp. Furniture, household goods, clothes (and yes, shoes) had been hastily packed and strewn wherever was most convenient to clear the house out for reconstruction.

Thankfully our house is fine now (yes, we have floors and a roof again), but it took several months to accomplish that. Many rooms still have a motley mix of items that don’t belong—living room furniture and clothes in the study; books and computer equipment in the garage. I spent yesterday afternoon searching through piles of misplaced items looking for my beloved silver sandals. In every room that turned up negative, I was only driven to scour more intensely in the next.

I was feeling like the woman in the parable of the lost coin when I finally gave up and went to the Insight website. Vicki’s post reminded me of one of my favorite songs, “Leaving Ninety-Nine” by Audio Adrenaline. In it, they make reference to Luke 15:1-7 and sing,

I’d leave ninety-nine,
Leave them all behind,
To find you

I love hearing those lyrics and remembering that the “lost sheep,” the “lost coin” and the “lost son” (found in Luke 15:1-32) all illustrate the lengths that Jesus is willing to go to save us.

There have been many times in my life when I’ve gotten lost. I’m so grateful that He never gave up on me the way I gave up looking for my shoes. Do you ever feel lost? Are you right now?

- advice on coping with feeling from insider, August 23, 2005

Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2, page 536, paragraph 2Chapter Title: Faith Mind, Character & PersonalityFaith Not to Be Confused With Feeling.--Many have confused ideas as to what constitutes faith, and they live altogether below their privileges. They confuse feeling and faith, and are continually distressed and perplexed in mind; for Satan takes all possible advantage of their ignorance and inexperience. . . .

- Re: Lost from Jason Diggs, August 23, 2005

I too have found great comfort in those lost and found parables. Being lost is bad enough, feeling loss is worse. We are all so fragile; even more so when we actually try to do well and get "rewarded" with betrayal. May God help us all to endure. Its hard being alone and/or lonely, but its not our end. If it was easy, everybody would do it. Let us try to honor God by holding on though the pain is ever so acute!

- Re: Lost from Shayna Bailey, August 21, 2005

Dear Darnisha, You're absolutely right in pointing out that Jesus came to save what was lost. Take comfort in knowing that God bears with our weaknesses patiently (Romans 15:1-3) when you're feeling depressed or lonely. Sometimes it takes us getting a little lost to become found again and God knows this.

- Re: Lost from Shayna Bailey, August 21, 2005

Dear n/a,Feelings (especially ones like doubt or guilt) have a way of overshadowing what we know to be true about God's character. As you grow in your spiritual walk, it will be easier to keep your feelings in check with your knowledge about God's love and the experiences He will provide to increase your faith. Remember that NOTHING (not even our own failings!) can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:38-39). I'll be praying for you.

- Re: Lost from Darnisha Thomas, August 21, 2005

I know how it feels to be lost, but I'll always keep Luke 19:10 in mind. Ruben Studdard's song "Running Back to you" also illustrates about the Prodigal son and also Mary Mary's song "so close" those r my favorite songs when I feel depressed and lonely. But God will keep us from harm's way no matter what.

- Re: Lost from Darnisha Thomas, August 21, 2005

Shayna, Sometimes I feel like I'm lost. especially becoming a teen. I would feel like nobody cares about execpt for my parents and other adults. But by God's grace I am found. According to Luke 19:10, For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. And I also love those Lost Sheep and Lost Coins parables. I especially love the Prodigal Son, because he sort of lost his mind and always tried to make haste, but then he came back to his father to apologize. and Ruben Studdard's song "Running back to you" reminds me of that parable.

- Re: Lost from n/a, August 20, 2005

Yes I do, sometimes I feel like nothing can come between God and I and then a few days later I just feel this like away...ness from Him it's hard to explain and sometimes I feel like that for no reason, I don't know how to get a grip on my feelings, I need advice really bad, and please pray for me, Thanks and God Bless!!!

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