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My Choice

August 18, 2005

Iím the first to admit that my music choices havenít always been the. . .um. . .most edifying. As a teenager, generally the louder it was, the heavier the beat, and the less my parents liked it, the more I liked it.

Now, I know that the issue of music can be a pretty heated one. Iím not here to get into that argument todayójust keep reading.

Anywayóas I was saying. Iíve always loved music and had a huge collection, but my choices havenít always been. . .letís say. . .positive ones. I basically listened to whatever I liked the sound of, regardless of the words. I thought I listened for the music. Then, somehow, I was surprised when the words started running through my head and showing up in my vocabulary. They influenced the way I thought and acted. Iíd think Whoa, where did THAT come from?

You may think I was an idiot to be surprised--and youíre probably right. But I was.

Although I try really hard to make better music decisions these days, sometimes I still catch myself humming along to songsóeven though I havenít heard them in years--when they are played in a store or I hear them while flipping through radio stations. They are still in my head, regardless of how long itís been since I heard them.

I donít remember exactly when I decided to make the change, but thatís one of the biggest reasons I started listening to Christian music almost exclusively (and, quite frankly, why I watch VERY few movies)óbecause it stays in my head. If Iím going to have something running through my head, it might as well be something positive that helps me to focus on Jesus. I have enough distractions as it is. Yeah, some of my friends still give me a hard time about it, but itís my brain. My thoughts. My actions. My responsibility.

Iím still growing in this area, but I like to think that God is leading me to make better and better decisions when it comes to music and entertainment. Whatís running through your head?

- Re: My Choice from Shayna Bailey, August 18, 2005

I've had the same experience, Vicki. I eventually chose to sacrifice being on top of pop culture for being in better control of my thoughts. I'm accountable to God first and foremost and genuine friends understand that.

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