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Purposely Preserved

October 18, 2011


I’ve been thinking about crazy-cool stories of survival—lives being preserved through some unreal circumstances. For example: After serving as an officer in the British military a guy named Chris Moon decided to serve full-time with an organization that goes around the world clearing land mines. (There are about 100 million land mines still hidden in many war-torn areas around the world—a deadly problem, for sure.) While doing this in Cambodia he and a group of locals were ambushed by Khmer Rouge guerrillas—a murderous, genocidal group of people who at one time ruled the country. Moon and two locals were kidnapped, and let’s just say that their prospects for living were dim.
After a harrowing few days the three men were actually freed. However, their freedom wasn’t easy; they had just 24 hours to find their way out of the Khmer Rouge-controlled part of the jungle—or else. Long story short, Moon and his companions made it out, Moon being one of few Westerners to survive such an ordeal.
Hardcore story of survival, right? But there’s more. Two years later Moon was clearing land mines in Africa. One day while he was walking through a supposedly clear area, Boom! He stepped on a mine. He lost parts of his right limbs, but he survived. Since recovering he has run marathons and super-tough races in locations around the world for charities, and now he’s a motivational speaker.
I don’t know Moon’s beliefs when it comes to God. But when I look at his story, I see one of a life being preserved through extraordinary danger and trials. And when I think about that, I think about purpose—that God has plans for people.
One can see this throughout history—God preserving people and using them and their stories for His purposes, for inspiration, for hope (see the biblical story of Daniel, for example). From Bible times all the way to today, God is working. True, there are times when life ends too soon, and it breaks God’s heart and ours (and thankfully we know He can still bring good out of any situation and will soon make all things new). But there are many times when survival and preservation for a little more time is a reality, and big things happen as a result. The December 17, 2011, cover story is another cool story of survival, one that I’m sure means God has fantastic plans in store for the author. Be sure to check it out.
The Bible says God has plans for you, too. They may come to pass now, or later down the road (the timing is up to Him), but you can rest assured that His eyes are on you. Why not get with Him and see what He has in store?

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