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I Need to Shut Up!

October 8, 2009

I know what you're thinking. What a crude title for a blog, right? Well, it's true. It's time to close my mouth. I need to shut up. I mean, I worship my opinions as though they're facts, and my thoughts like they're pearls of wisdom dropped from heaven by God.

Much of what I say amounts to thinly veiled negativity anyway, so shutting up is something I really need to do. My words have taken the place of THE WORD, my murmuring and complaining has drowned out God's Word. It's time for me to shut up, so God can speak.

Before you think I'm being to harsh on myself, consider that God actually told the nation of Israel to shut up. Really, He did. Grab the nearest Bible and read Joshua 6, especially verse 10. God told Joshua to march the Israelis around Jericho in total silence--not exactly a well-known war strategy. They did that for 7 straight days.

Maybe God told them to shut up, because of how negative they had gotten in the wilderness. Remember when the 12 spies Moses sent out came back with their report. 10 of them said, "We can't conquer that land. There are giants there, and we're like grasshoppers to them." All the people agreed with them, except for Moses, Joshua, and an old guy named Caleb. Read the story for yourself  in Numbers 13. Because of their negativity, God ruled that none of the negative big-mouths would see the promised land. Ouch!

The Israelites marching around Canaan marched in silence, probably because opening their mouths would have ruined the blessing God had for them. On they seven they shouted God's praises, and the walls came down.

What comes out of your mouth just might be ruining your life.

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