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3 Things Before Dying

March 19, 2009

I don't even know this woman. I've never seen any of her movies--atleast none that I remember. I know her husband, Liam Neeson, the Irish actor, but that's about it. I'm not sure why her death has hit me the way it has.

People in our world die all the time. I live close to Philadelphia, PA. There's a murder every day in Philadelphia. In fact, last year we had more murders than we did days of the year. The same is true for many other cities around the nation, and let's not even talk about places like Darfur, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Death is everywhere in our world, Dude!

But something about the death of actress Natasha Richardson has left me sad. In case you missed the story, she died after falling during a skiing lesson on a beginner's course at a Canadian ski resort. According to news reports, she didn't die right away from her injuries. In fact, she told medical workers who responded to her fall that she was fine. Hours later she complained of a headache, was rushed to the hospital in Montreal, and later transferred to New York, where her family had gathered.

I guess what's troubling me is the suddeness of it all. She had a accident on Monday, was basically brain dead by Tuesday with little hope of recovery. By wednesday she was pronounced dead. That's it. A whole life ended in less than three short days.

Natasha Richardson's death got me thinking about my life. When she arrived on the Montreal slopes for her lesson on Monday, she had no clue that by Wednesday her life would be over. I often leave home, jump in my car, and speed off without even so much as a prayer. I act like God's just supposed to protect me, like I'm guaranteed to make it back home okay. I guess I act like there isn't a Devil prowling around (1 Peter 5:8), ready to snatch my life were it not for God's grace. Do you act that way sometimes?

I'm probably not supposed to get this deep in a blog, but I gotta do it just this once. I'm asking myself the following question, and you can feel free to weigh in on it. Here it is:

What three things would you do today, if you knew that you were going to die tomorrow?

Provided that I am healthy enough, I would:

1. Thank God for the life He gave me. Then I would confess all known and unknown sins to God and ask his forgiveness.

2. Make things right with anyone I had wronged. If I even suspected that something I did had hurt someone, I would try to make it right.

3. I would call family and friends to say goodbye. Then, I would tell my wife how much I love her and our brand new son. I would thank her for loving me, for allowing God's love to shine through her until it warmed me. Then, I'd kiss her and the baby goodbye and go to sleep.

Now it's your turn.

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