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The George Washington University Basketball Team and Me

March 12, 2009

About a month ago I got bumped off my flight twice and got two free tickets—sweet! When I finally boarded my flight, a bunch of tall—I mean a couple of them were nearly seven feet tall—hunky-looking college guys wearing warm-up suits took their seats on the same flight. Then their coach happened to sit down in his assigned seat beside me.

While some of the team members were snapping pictures of other sleeping team members to upload to Facebook just to razz them, others were studying a little bit. I couldn’t help it; I started asking the coach a bunch of questions.

“Where are you guys from?”
“Whom are you playing?”
“When’s the game?”
“How’d practice go this week?”
“How long have you been coaching the team?”
“How did you get into coaching?”

Tyrone Lockhart, assistant coach of the George Washington University Men’s basketball team, patiently answered my questions. Nice guy. We talked a bit about his background, which is a pretty incredible one, including working for the United States Olympic Committee for 13 years and playing on NCAA teams, as well as bunch of other impressive things. You can read his profile here:

Then I told him about Insight, and I asked him to give me some good advice for you that’ll work for you on the basketball court and off the basketball court, in your everyday life.  Here’s what he said right off the top of his head . . . if I can read the notes I scribbled on the Sally Hansen ad on the back of my Shape magazine.

Give 110 percent—Whether you’re practicing on the court, or you’re pushing in class to up your GPA, give 110 percent effort.

Be adaptable to change—Circumstances come up, and when they do, your team is counting on you, your family is counting on you. Make sure you’re ready to jump in and do your best whatever the circumstances are.

Trust your teammates and coaches—trust that you all can work together to get the job done.

Talking with Coach Lockhart was inspiring. Finally I shut up and let him get a little shut-eye on the flight.

Thanks, Coach Lockhart, for the advice on how to up our game on the court and in life!



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