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World Meltdown?

October 8, 2008

I’ve always wanted to go to heaven. Beside my senior picture in my high school yearbook I even listed as one of my goals “to one day take a celestial trip.” In the past few months, I’ve been wondering if that may become a reality soon—that Jesus really may come not too long from now.

Things are getting kinda crazy in this world. Even if you’re not into watching the news, with all the buzz about the economy, you know prices keep going up, and that the stock market keeps going down. Maybe you’ve even heard your parents or grandparents saying something about money lately. While I’m no financial expert, there are definitely problems with the US economy, which is affecting other countries’ economies too. One headline displayed on the news screen the other day that got my attention was “World Meltdown?”

About a month ago I felt impressed to buy 100 books to give away to people. The books explain how the Bible says this world is going to end. Everywhere I’ve been lately—to the cleaners, to the library, to the doctor’s office, to the mall, to my favorite Thai restaurant in town, I’ve taken these books and given them to people. And you know what? Nobody has refused to take them. So far I’ve given away about 60 books!

Let me just tell you two quick stories. A couple weeks ago when I went back to the cleaners to pick up my clean clothes, one lady that I’d given a book to said, “Hey, thanks again for that book. I’ve started reading it. And Helen, the lady who works at the other branch, would like one too.”

It so happened that I had one book left in my car to give that lady for Helen. That gave me chills!

One Friday I set out to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. So I went to some government office in town, and I brought in with me two books to give away. When I went inside, a man greeted me and helped me find the right person to talk to. Meanwhile, he began talking to someone else in the office. When I was finished registering to vote, I asked the lady who’d helped me if she’d like a free book. She looked pleasantly surprised and said, “Sure.”

The man who had greeted me saw me give her the book. So he came up to me and said, “Do you have a book for me?”

While I handed him the other book I had in my hand he asked, “Well, do you have books for everybody here?”

I actually did!

“I do,” I answered. He looked at me like I was lying. “Seriously,” I said, “walk out to my car with me, and I’ll give you books for everyone. I work for a Christian publishing house, and I have lots of books to give away.”

So he did, and I piled up in his arms several books for him to share with his coworkers. Happily surprised, he thanked me several times.

I tell you these stories because I want to encourage you to share the good news of Jesus’ coming with as many people as you can. People are nervous right now, and many of them believe that something big is about to happen. They just need to know that Jesus is coming, and He wants to take them to heaven. Will you tell them?

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