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Who is Katy Perry?

August 14, 2008

I clicked on last Thursday when I started writing this blog, and the latest news headline was, “Katy Perry Remains in Control of Hot 100.” The report stated, as you probably already know, Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl” is number one on the billboards again, for the eighth week in a row.
What you may not know is that Katy Perry isn’t her real name. It’s Katheryn Hudson. She grew up in a conservative Christian home. In fact, both of her parents are pastors. One of the Boys isn’t her first album, either.

Back in 2001, Katy was a part of Christian musician Phil Joel’s Strangely Normal tour. She was a 16-year-old singer/songwriter who’d just released her self-titled debut Christian album on Red Hill Records. In a music review of her album published in 2001, writer Russ Breimeier totally praised her talent. He wrote: “I hear a remarkable young talent emerging, a gifted songwriter in her own right who will almost certainly go far in this business. That name again is Katy Hudson. Trust me, you’ll be hearing it more and more.” (You can read the whole review at
/katyhudson.html.) What a prophecy!

Katy’s parents didn’t allow her to listen to secular music when she was a kid. At a slumber party she discovered Queen’s music, and sometime between her sixteenth and seventeenth birthday, she decided to switch music genres and go for a career in pop music. At 17 she started working with Glen Ballard, who’d produced and co-written music with Alanis Morissette, whose music Katy liked. Some time later she teamed up with the Matrix, a production/songwriting team that’s worked with Avril Lavigne, Shakira, and Korn. When things didn’t go exactly as planned with the release of an album featuring Katy as one of the Matrix’s two singers, Katy didn’t give up. In 2007 she signed on with Columbia Records and released her first album, One of the Boys, this past June.

I can’t help but wonder what happened during that one year--between Katy’s 16th and 17th birthdays--to cause her to change the style of music she wanted to sing. If I could ask Katy Perry one question, this would be it: “What caused you to make the switch?”

What do you think caused Katy to make the switch?

Obviously, Katy is extremely talented. My guess is, Katy, walking around with all her talent and all her potential, was a prime target for the roaring lion described in 1 Peter 5:8. Lemme just tell ya, with all your talent and all your potential, you too are a target for the same lion!

I’m not about to say that all is lost for Katy Perry. I’m not about to put her in hell for one song—even one as dangerous as the one sitting atop the Billboard charts. I’m sure God is still working hard to get Katy’s attention, to help her fulfill the dreams He had for her when He gave her that awesome talent. Reality is, Katy is in the middle of a war zone, and so are we. There are a lot of wars going on these days, but the mother of ’em all is the Great Controversy playing out between God and Satan. It’s almost over, and it makes all the difference which side you’re on, God’s or Satan’s.

Remember Joshua, the leader who took over Moses’ position? He laid out plain and simple for that bratty bunch of Israelites whom he was leading: “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). And here’s a plain and simple question for you: “Whom are you serving?”


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