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Where a Human and Angels Meet

May 22, 2008

Recently my husband, Randall, and I took a trip to Sacramento, California, to spend some time with friends. We flew into to San Francisco and spent most of the day touring the area. We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the most crooked street in the world.

We also visited the countryside of San Francisco and it was breathtaking. To be able to stand on the edge of the mountains and see across the water overlooking the city was unbelievable. The sky was bright blue with a few white, puffy clouds, and there were these amazing birds with such vibrant colors soaring above us. God’s creation is so amazing!

We also toured Lake Tahoe, went to Reno, Nevada, and visited the Amazing Facts headquarters—we even got to watch the filming of a new DVD that will be coming out in December called Cosmic Conflict—what an experience that was. We went to the Jelly Belly factory and watched them make that candy, which I love by the way. And we continued to love seeing the beauty of California.

On Wednesday, the day we toured the Jelly Belly factory, we were not too far from Napa Valley and decided that we would drive through the valley and go up to Ellen White’s house in Elmshaven, where she lived the last 15 years of her life. It was a beautiful and peaceful place, and all the gardens were in bloom.

As we were touring the home, our guide told us he had been studying her life for fifty years. He told us many things about her life that we didn’t know.  He also told us how humble, loveable, and fun she was. When we got to the last room of the house, which was her bedroom, he told us about the night of March 2, 1907, when she went to bed early because she was suffering from rheumatism on the left side of her body. He told us that during the night she experienced extraordinary freedom from her pain. Mrs. White said that the room began to fill with light and it seemed as if heavenly arms were around her. Our guide told us that she felt such wonderful peace; she could not find words to express it. She heard sweet music filling the air, and then she heard a voice speak to her that said: “Fear not; I am your Saviour. Holy angels are all about you.”

Ellen thought she had died and gone to heaven. She thought that she would now rest in peace. She said: “Is this indeed heaven? Am I one of God’s little children? And shall I always have this peace?”

The voice replied: “Your work is not yet done.” God still had plans left for Ellen White to finish here on earth (See Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 65, 66).

When the tour guide was finished telling us this story, we were standing there with chills and tears. He then told us that we were standing in the very room where angels and Christ himself had appeared. Can you image how we were feeling at this point? Standing in the very room where Christ had appeared to Ellen White. We had humble hearts and were crying when he asked us if he could pray with us. Friends, I felt as if the presence of the Holy Spirit were in that room. I cannot tell you in words how I felt that day. God touched me in a way that is indescribable.

When the tour was completed, our guide looked at us and said something that is still fresh in my mind. So many times we put Ellen White up on a pedestal and forget that she was, like us, a human being. The guide said that he wished we taught our young people more about the humanity of Ellen White—that she made mistakes, faced challenges, and had struggles in her life to overcome just like us. Ellen White was just like us! God used her just as he used others in the Bible, and they weren’t perfect any more or less than we aren’t perfect. So if you struggle with identifying with Ellen White because of her closeness with God, realize that she was a human just like you. God was able to use her as a messenger for our church to help us understand the things that are to come so we will be ready for his return, and God is willing and able to use your gifts, if you are willing to allow him into your heart.

You see, I have a teenage daughter and I know how she struggles with her feelings about Ellen White. She feels we put a lot of emphasis on Mrs. White and not enough on God. I think we need to do a better job of presenting Ellen White in a way that young people know that she was like us. So this week read a little bit about Ellen White’s life—her very human trials and tribulations—and see for yourself. Don’t just listen to what others might say about her, do some research and find things out for yourself. (see Early Writings, Life Sketches and Author White 1-6 vol.)






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