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A promising start

May 6, 2008

Last Sabbath, the Staten Island, Union Ave. church, had their youth day.

It was an incredible worship.

Not because of the program per se . . . no. It was because these young people genuinely conveyed a connection to God beyond their years.

The young lady who gave the welcome was just so full of energy. LOL I mean she couldn't contain how much she wanted everyone to feel a part receiving the blessings of the day. Her smile was so radiant and even more so genuine!

The young man (couldn't have been older than 12. 13 tops) who read the scripture, was so poised and deliberate. he pulled us into each word. On a side note regarding the scripture reading; it was SOOOOOOOO very refreshing to hear everyone read from the same version. One clear voice, one clear sound. It was beautiful.

The young lady who led the mid day prayer. All I can say is whoa! She emphasized our "need" to pray. The way she did this was a blessing in and of itself. That type of prayer doesn't happen the night before you are asked to lead the in congregation prayer! That young lady has a prayer life and I'm thankful she prayed for me that day!

Now the speaker took the platform which was already brimming with blessing by her friends and brought a message worthy of all that proceeded it! The speaker was a 14 yr old young lady, who I found out in her introduction (which was also full of much love and adoration from another youth) was born premature and weighed like 2 or 3 pounds. She was incubated for a few weeks.

Well God has a plan for everyone of us. Some plans are more visible and spotlighted than others; particularly for speakers, just because of the nature of that job. Well this young lady has been blessed with the gift of public speaking.

I'm telling you I was so impressed with not only how she presented the message, but with the message itself. She did not read. Yes she had notes but let me tell you, she had eye contact with us the entire time. She spoke to us not at us. She spoke from the heart, she didn't read from the prompter! She spoke what she believed. She was very encouraging and very authentic.

The praise team also provided some very uplifting and encouraging musical selections. They were so vibrant. I've seen where some praise teams have been a major production. A show unto themselves. I was impressed with this group, that they sought to blend in, not take over.

I appreciated EVERY facet of that worship. I needed to hear and experience it all.

I want to say how very good it was to see the efforts that the young adult leadership put into the youth. They were as much a part of the blessings as were the youth who led out.

To be sure, life will try your convictions and what was easily said on the podium, will not be as easily practiced on the pavement! This was a promising start. Now as you encouraged us to do, I encourage you, from years of real life experience, fight back. Even when you fall and fall hard, which may happen, fight for the courage to believe, that the promises of God are for you . . . even in your darkest hours!


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