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My First Metro Ride

April 17, 2008

Have you ever been in an unusual place and felt like the Holy Spirit was speaking to you, saying something that seemed off-the-wall at the time?

A couple of weeks ago my son, Brian, was home from college for spring break so we decided we would go down to Washington, D.C., and see the cherry blossoms in bloom. We thought it would be best to take the metro instead of driving, because we knew it would be almost impossible to find a parking place in the city. So on Thursday, my husband, Randall, stopped to buy us tickets to ride the metro for our trip.

This was my first time on the metro, and I wasnt quite sure what to expect. Going to D.C. on the metro wasnt too difficult, until we switched at Metro Center. We got off the metro and the mob of people at the station was unbelievable. We had to push our way onto the train at Metro Center for the ride to the Smithsonian stop. My sister Tonya and her husband also went with us. Tonya is a little claustrophobic and was not comfortable with the situation at all. As we were pushing our way on, she replied I feel like we are cattle on our way to be slaughtered.

When we reached the Smithsonian stop and got off the metro, we got on the escalator and looked back too see that the mob appeared even larger! For a few moments we stood at the top of the escalator looking down, and I thought to myself, just think if all these people were coming to see Jesus! Instead, like the Bible says, they will be lovers of pleasures instead of lovers of God (2 Timothy 3:4).

We had a wonderful day, and the trees were so beautiful! We walked from the Smithsonian all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and back. It is amazing what God has created, and it makes me think about how much more beautiful things will be in heaven.

On our way back we were sitting quietly on the metro, when out of the blue I asked to my husband, Do you think there are people on this train that know that Jesus is coming soon? We see lots of signs of His soon return, but do they?

Randall looked at me and said, I dont know, but if they dont, it is our job to tell them. At that moment I felt as if the Holy Spirit was telling me to stand up and warn them that Jesus was coming and to be ready! But instead I sat there and thought, Lord, if I stood up and said that right now, these people would think Im crazy.

That day when I got home, I felt like there might have been some people on that train who needed to hear that Jesus is coming soon, yet I sat there too embarrassed to speak up. Was this a test for me? If it was a test, I feel as though I failed.

Young people, dont make this mistake! When you feel God is calling you to speak out and shine for him, do it! Dont be afraid and embarrassed, because our reward is in heaven, and you might be saving someone for the kingdom of God.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me more opportunities to speak up, and I pray that I will listen and not hold back because of what reactions I might get (see 1 Timothy 6:12; Acts 26:22).

- Re: My First Metro Ride from Shayna, April 20, 2008

Aww, don't worry Brenda, there are lots of crazier people than you could ever be on the Metro. I too chose the Metro for the Cherry Blossom sister is hilarious, but accurate. :)

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