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Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices!

March 20, 2008

We were killin' the day doin' Insight stuff (supposed to be churning out your next issue) when the Echoliers and band members from Mt. Vernon Academy knocked on Insight’s office doors today. We wanted to get out of some work, so this was the perfect excuse to hang out. We gave them a bunch of free Insights to bribe them into singing two sweet songs for us: “The Lord’s Prayer” and “It’s Me, O Lord, Standing In the Need of Prayer.”

Dwain grabbed his camera, and here are the pictures he shot of the great-looking group:

After the great music, the choir members explained that their name, Echoliers, comes from the name of their music hall at Mt. Vernon Academy, Echo Hall, since it often echoes with music. Something unique this choir does is sing in many different languages, including, German, Latin, Spanish, and Zulu.

On tour for a long weekend, the Echoliers and the band are heading to Columbia Union College tonight, where they’ll spend the night. Then they’re planning on hitting the Kennedy Center and a few of the great museums in the Nation’s Capital. This Sabbath, if you can, get in on the Mt. Vernon Academy Echolier concerts and band concerts happening at the Silver Spring Church or the Beltsville Church near the D.C. area. You’ll be blessed, like we were!

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from Alicia Luckett, March 28, 2008

I had a great time there it was fun and a big thank you to Dwain and Michelle. Thanks for putting our pics up. I enjoyed meet you guys hope to see you in the future. Alicia

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from Micha Stevenson, March 28, 2008

Thank you guys so much for being so kind and hospitable when we barged into your offices like that. I had a great time singing and learning more about all the magazines I read! Thanks again!

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from peniel De La Cruz, March 27, 2008

This was a good experians to me thak you for puting the pictur. Thaek you for listening to use sing and geting somthing out of it. God bleas you!!!!!!!!!!!

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from SArah , March 26, 2008

I had a great time coming over and checking things out. Reading the magazine, i have often wondered about where it came from. Thnak you for taking the time to show us the place where the things were made. Thanx! ( I am the one with Mizzle plastered on the front:)(he's my Campus Dad)( I thought you guys would like to know who i was!)

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from Jessie Schneider, March 25, 2008

Hey!!! thank you sooo much for letting us take over your work for a little while! you guys are amazing. keep up the good work! <3 jessie (i'm going to be like bruce, i'm the one in the yellow shirt fourth row up!)

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from hope hrabowy, March 25, 2008

Thank you so much for letting us barge in and check out the place! I had fun hanging out with you guys. It was awesome! I hope you guys were blessed by the songs the Echoliers sang.

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from bruce cuevas, March 24, 2008

i had a great time singing and hangin out with you guys at insight! thanks for lettin us share the talents God has blessed us with (im the one in the front with the scooby doo shirt on!)

- Re: Echoliers Swarm Insight Offices! from James Syvertson, March 24, 2008

Thanks Dwain for getting the pics up so fast. We were honored and blessed to perform for you guys. Thanks for your prayers and support. As a result we had a great weekend and did some great witnessing at the churches we performed at. We hope to have more dealings with you guys in the future. James

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