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Is it STILL, justa dream?

January 21, 2008

Who will be the generation that says, "there was a dream and we are it!"?

Society is made up of you and me. The longer "we" take, the longer IT takes. It, simply being a society in which we finally "get" that: we ALL, face the same challenges; we ALL, have similar goals; we ALL, want peace; we ALL , want fairness; we ALL, want to belong; we ALL, need a hand; we ALL, have flaws; we ALL, need love; we ALL, are more alike, than we will ever be different; and we ALL occupy this planet, put here by the same God. The best and worse of life, are among us ALL.

I'm sick of just dreamin'. If it's on our collective mind THAT much, shouldn't we do somethin about it?

Not by laws but by our lives.

To me, it seems this is the one day we all take a trip to Disneyland. We have a great time but like all vacations, they end and we come back to a not so hot reality.

Are your choices reflecting that this "dream" is just a vacation or are you planning to be part of that generation who says, "they had a dream but WE are IT"

- Re: Is it STILL, justa dream? from Hazel enquirer, January 25, 2008

Wow. you're right. In a perfect world. The only things stopping this from becoming a dream is US. Because of sinful human nature

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