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Two Dead—Too Sad

November 28, 2007

On CNN and on their Web site I’ve watched and read about two young people’s deaths. I don’t like to hear about anybody dying, much less young people, you know?

I don’t know much about Sean Taylor (guys, you’ve probably got his football record memorized). I surmise that if he was doing well in the NFL, he was making bank. He had a great house in Florida. He was a nice-looking guy—somebody we’d look at as successful, somebody who had it all. The fact that somebody broke into this Redskin’s house and shot him is terrible. Greed and jealousy is written all over his death, which just makes me sick.

Another sickening story I watched on Anderson Cooper’s show this week was about Megan Meier. You may already know about her death. If you don’t, there’s a sickening twist to it, too.

Megan had always been heavy-set and had struggled with good self-image and depression since third grade. At the time she was 13, and under her parent’s supervision, she set up a myspace account. When a guy named Josh Evans asked to be her friend, she begged her mother to let her add him. Josh showed interest in Megan, turning upside down all her feelings of bad self-image. Then one day he said he didn’t want to be her friend anymore, because “she wasn’t nice to her friends.”

So upset about Josh and so frustrated that her mom wasn’t consoling her (since her mom was upset with her for the language she’d used to tell off Josh), Megan took a belt and hung herself in her closet. Her mother found her soon after she did it. Her dad came running and cut the belt. He tried doing CPR on her, but he couldn’t save Megan.

Josh turned out to be the mother of a girl who’d been in Megan’s class, a girl whom Megan had ended an on-again, off-again friendship. This family even lived in Megan’s same neighborhood! An adult’s—not even a teen’s—revenge is written all over Megan’s death.

Why do I bring up these deaths? They’re sad. The twist for us is, greed, jealousy, and revenge are emotions that we all struggle with. OK, maybe we aren’t gonna pick up a gun and kill someone who’s “made it” in this world or deceive a neglected (a term Megan used about herself) person. But I think this is a good time to think about how we treat others. Do we ignore them or hate on them in other less violent ways?

Even though I’ve been out of high school a while, I know it’s a tough place to navigate. I’ve got news for you, adulthood is also a tough place to navigate. There are still cliques, and adults envy each other’s bank accounts, spouses, kids, etc. All I’m saying is, The Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) is not out of style, and it never will be, no matter your age. I challenge you to live The Golden Rule now, because it just might save some young people’s lives.


- Re: Two Dead—Too Sad from April, December 1, 2007

We should always ask God to help us not to envy others and not to be jealous.

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