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The Millionaire Mind

October 14, 2007

Everybody is fascinated by a bling bling life. People watch with wonder movie stars, high-income execs, royals, oil sheiks, sports stars, and anybody else who seems to have an exhaustless bank account. All the eye candy and flashy flashy stuff catches our attention.

From a book borrowed from the library called The Millionaire Mind, I learned that real millionaires don't all live so high-profile. A guy by the name of Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, who's been studying rich people since 1973, presented a bunch of interesting facts that he gathered from real millionaires living here in the States. For example, some millionaires shop at second-hand stores, because they don't waste a lot of money on things that only decrease in value, like clothes, even cars. Surprising, huh? Many of them don't live in big, gated communities, either. Typically they live in houses that cost in the high $200s in older neighborhoods. I don't know about you, but in our get-the-most-that-you-can society, that also surprised me!

Dr. Stanley asked the millionaires to name what they felt were the top success factors that it takes to become a millionaire. Again, their responses surprised me, because they sounded so Christian-so what your parents, pastors, and teachers are encouraging you to do right now!

What are they?

The number one success factor:

Being honest with all people

The number two success factor:

Being well disciplined

The number two (there was a tie, so there was no number three) success factor:

Getting along with people

The number four success factor:

Having a supportive (good) spouse (most millionaires were still on their first marriages)

The number five success factor:

Working harder than most people

So see, the things you're learning right now at home, at school, at church, are preparing you for success. You're probably going to make a million dollars or more in your lifetime, even if you don't have it all in your bank account at once. But aside from money, realize that your parents, teachers, and pastors are trying to help you get ready for an exhaustless future in heaven, which is far more valuable than any green-and-white-paper.


- Re: The Millionaire Mind from Gold George, October 15, 2007

I will never be a millionaire. I will be rich though, one day, when my Lord touches my heart and soul with his perfection. That day is coming. I will enrich others with his wisdom and words of salvation.I will invite all to sit at his feast of blessings. We will rejoice and sing his praises. Thanks Michelle.

- Re: The Millionaire Mind from Jen*, October 15, 2007

My sister and I would sometimes spend a Sabbath afternoon envisioning what we would do with $100 million. It got us thinking creatively, and opened up our imaginations to all the good we could do with that kind of money.
You might not be able to do things on the same scale with your regular paycheck, but with a vision, sometimes you can get other people to contribute and begin a program no one's ever thought of before. I praise God for the responsible millionaires out there, and someday, hope to be one of them. :)

- Re: The Millionaire Mind from April, October 15, 2007

I am not into being a millionaire becuase in heaven there will be better things and much more fun things to do.

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