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Famous Vegetarians and Vegans

September 6, 2007

I've always been a vegetarian. During my freshman year at a public college, for one of my speeches for Public Speaking 101 I did a demonstration talk on being vegetarian and how to make your own gluten (fake meat). Then I served the class some veggie chili, using ground-up gluten I'd made earlier and substituted for burger. They liked the chili and couldn't believe it didn't have any meat in it. While that was a few years ago, since then vegetarianism and even veganism has become more and more popular.

I was looking at People magazine's Web site today, and I clicked on the 25 hottest stars right now. Then I went to to find out if there were any of the same stars on its list of famous vegetarians and vegans. While there are hundreds, I'm serious, names of actors, actresses, models, musicians, etc., on the famous veggie list, one name was on both listsóJude Law. Here are just a very few of the other names on the famous veggie list: Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franlin, Mohandas Ghandi, Orlando Bloom, even Ellen White!

About six months ago, after I found out that my cholesterol was through the roof for someone my age, I decided to go vegan. I even decided to give up sugar, for the most part. Yeah, that was hard! And, I decided that I would try my best to get to the gym at least twice a week, and three times a week if at all possible. I have to tell you that since I made these decisions, my head is clearer, my stomach isn't so upset all the time, I sleep more soundly at night, and my clothes aren't quite as tight as they used to be. I just hope that when I go back to the doctor tomorrow, I'll find out that my cholesterol is a lot lower!

I know that since vegetarianism has long been part of the Seventh-day Adventist health message, maybe a lot of you out there are vegetarians. But then, maybe there are some of you out there who have recently made some choices about your diet, like giving up meat, dairy products, maybe even sugar or caffiene. If so, come on with your testimony. What are some of the positive changes you've experienced?

What's the point? To encourage each other to continue making positive, healthful choices. Hey, did anyone see the special Creation Health issue we put out last week? Hope so!


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