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Remembering Princess Diana's Death

August 29, 2007

Wow, it's almost been 10 years since the day Princess Diana died--August 31, 1997. I've seen the CNN special on Princess Diana twice now, "Growing Up Diana." Soledad O'Brien did a good job of bringing out the fact that as a teen, Princess Diana always had a crush on Prince Charles. Another friend of Princess Diana's recalled for the camera that since Diana's own home had been torn apart by adultery, she never wanted that for her future family.

Early footage of Diana shows her totally in love with Prince Charles, despite her "cold feet" on the night before the fairy tale wedding. Then, as Soledad chronicled the marriage and all the heartbreak, it seemed that Princess Diana's life ended up being really hard and really sad, in spite of her being the most beautiful woman in the world without a worry in the world about money.

Last night as I was channel surfing, I came across a Joan Collins' special on Princess Diana. It took me a couple minutes to figure out the focus of the special. It was all about Princess Diana's quest to know the future, how she visited many different clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, and faith healers hoping to learn whether or not there was any "light at the end of the tunnel"--her own words-when it came to her marriage with Charles.

I have no interest in psychics, mediums, or anything like that. So I immediately turned the channel. But what struck me was, Princess Diana had it all, but yet she didn't. She was reaching out to a higher power. All that she had in this world could not fill her spiritual need. She needed God.

Thinking about Princess Diana and her life around this 10-year anniversary, I believe she was an innocent young girl whose life took some sad and unexpected twists and turns. And when those twists and turns took place, I don't know if anyone encouraged her to reach out to God.

What do you do when stuff happens to you? Do you reach out for psychics, or do you reach out to "I Am"? Pat, the assistant editor of Message Magazine is a close friend that I call "my Mom at work." She's all about spiritual encouragement, and one she day sent me an e-mail about "I Am." It said that God can be anything you need Him to be, since He is "I Am." Do you need peace? "I Am" peace. See how it works?

All I'm saying is, if you have God, you have something that Princess Diana was looking for.


- Re: Remembering Princess Diana's Death from April, August 30, 2007

We all need God becuase even if we have everything it won't last forever. When we have God we will all feel so much happier.

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