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Just Claiming It! (Continued...)

April 4, 2007

The next day, the three of us departed from our hotel just outside of the city. We had scoped out the downtown area briefly the night before, but only long enough to realize that the Dallas Convention Center was a sprawling enterprise. And, that we were inevitably going to get lost at least once during the Just Claim It Prayer Conference.

“So where exactly are we going?,” Michelle asked another co-worker from the backseat of our rental car.

She was talking into her cell phone and then dictating directions to Dwain, who was driving.

“Ask him where we’re supposed to park,” Dwain instructed.

When we had finally found the appropriate Exhibit Hall and then, found our booth, I anticipated relief. I just knew the best was yet to come.

Unfortunately, most of what was to come was work. Hard, laborious, physical labor. There was the locating of scores of heavy boxes, then the task of having the crates transported by forklift to our booth. For several hours, we assembled the backdrop of our booth and Dwain neatly arranged our logos, promotional posters, and materials on the black felt backing. Meanwhile, Michelle and I opened twenty some boxes containing magazines, writer’s guidelines, and promotional materials.

We had just finished setting up the booth when our first visitors arrived.

I think we all expected to have a lot of people show up on the first day, but I couldn’t fathom what it meant to have “thousands” of people shaking my hand, talking to me, and taking pictures. Around 6:30 p.m., Michelle whispered to me,

“My feet are killing me!”

“My head is what’s killing me,” I whispered back.

We hadn’t stopped working since arriving that morning. I had only deviated from our exhibit twice and during those excursions, I didn't have time to eat. Unfortunately, I’m hypoglycemic and usually eat every two or three hours. Going a whole day on trail mix and snacks was bound to end badly.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I felt miserable later that night. Curled up under the covers of my hotel bed, I thought again about how much bigger things really are in Texas. The sheer physical labor. The length of the working day. The headache I was feeling.

I love traveling for Insight, but I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the next few days in Dallas.

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