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blah, blah, blah . . .

January 23, 2007

At one point in history, humanity was of one voice; though not one in purpose. None-the-less, as far as surface comprehension was concerned, they were one.

This surface and shallow oneness, was enough to enable them, in stubborn, rebellion against the ways of God. As a consequence, God introduced “languages” as a divisive means to check them.

They were in one place, with one agenda, but now because they couldn’t understand one another, they weren’t able to follow through on what was in their ability to accomplish! Hold on to this reality! Had God not confused their understanding, they would have achieved much!

The ultimate defining mark of this event is confusion! They spoke but no one understood.

Ever had a conversation in which all that took place was speaking but no comprehension? Don’t let anyone dumb down the definition of communication to “just” speaking. Speaking is just one part of communicating. Hearing and listening to that which was spoken, are equally as relevant.

In that “one place” all those people essentially babbled!

They had no other option but to join into “like” clans, groups, camps and parties for survival. There was no more togetherness in that one place as they “spoke” different languages. All that remained in that “one place” was confusion.That’s Babylon! Many varying voices, vying for understanding in one place!

Glad you don’t like fluff, ‘cause I loath it! I say this because there is a confusion of “voices” in this one place! The SDA denomination.

Just to avoid unnecessary distraction from the principal point. I am not making a slam on the church blindly! None will never know ALL but we see and experience much personally and vicariously. I am referring to little companies, cells, small, large and mega congregations alike!

These all constitute “our” tower we’re vainly attempting to build but in vain because of the Babel of voices. Including, BUT NOT limited to: Doctrinal, political, cultural, social, economical, physical, educational, geographical camps and so on and so on blah, blah, blah . . . In one place the varying camps vie for power and we go nowhere.

Then for the sake of survival, we gather with like “voices” or more to the point just so it’s not missed, “understandings”.

This is why we are where we are. We are talking completely different languages. There’s little, if any real understanding among us. Just a lot of chatter and clamor and those with the most power, usually win out. Power mind you! NOT principal.

We cannot undo or even begin to undo this curse ourselves. As suddenly as it was sprung on those in the actual tower, it was likewise undone, when oneness was sought from within by the 12 when they FINALLY acknowledged just how divided THEY WERE!.

Until we, like they, acknowledge our dysfunction and disunity and beg the gift of unity as provided by the Holy Ghost, all we’ll be is a place of bedlam.

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