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December 15, 2006

I prepared for the interview all morning.

Researching Sara Groves', Chris Williams', and Allen Levi's biographies online, I made notes to myself and tried to formulate witty and insightful questions to ask. I practiced my questions on my digital recorder and checked to make sure that the batteries had been charged.

As I got ready to leave the apartment, I pulled on a pair of black leather boots with three inch stiletto heels and double checked my look with Sessa. I had borrowed her black leather belt studded with small metal spheres and slid it around the waist of my dark wash jeans. My spiral curls had been hairsprayed liberally into a big, 80ís style coif and both eyelids had been swept with sparkly, lavender eyeshadow. If I was going to interview rock stars, I wanted to look the part.

At Grace Fellowship Church, it was still several hours before the concert. I was greeted by Carissa, the director of Capernaum, when I arrived and she led me to a pre-show dinner the artists were having with the Capernaum kids. My interview with Sara Groves hadnít been confirmed, so I was delighted when she invited me to sit with her after dinner and talked happily into the voice recorder I retrieved from my purse. (Look for pictures and the podcast on our homepage...COMING SOON!)

The interview with Sara had gone so well that I wasnít even worried about trying to find Chris or Allen. They were warming up somewhere, I thought, and I wanted to find Malia. Chris appeared about a half hour before the show, though, as I was standing in the lobby.

ďAre you the writer whoís going to interview us?,Ē he asked. ďI have a few minutes now if you want to come to the green room.Ē

Green room! Backstage! Rock stars! The night was turning out to be better than I expected.

Allen joined Chris backstage as interviewed them about their Christian walk, music styles, and amazing song-writing abilities. I was close to finishing the interview when Sara walked in. With the three of them together, I wasnít going to miss the opportunity to get a picture, so I pulled out my camera and started walking towards one of Saraís backup singers.

I didnít notice the small handbag on the floor in front of me.

Before I knew it, I was on the ground! In the green room. In front of three rock stars. I hadnít even made a graceful trip and recovery. Instead, I had tumbled awkwardly to the floor, breaking my fall with the digital camera in my right hand. My only consolation was that I hadnít hurt myself or knocked over one of the unending trays of brownies, cookies, biscotti, and snacks lining the tables and counters in the green room.

As the singers uttered words of concern, I got up, concealed my embarassment with a curtsy and smiled.

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