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Single in the City

November 3, 2006

Ooh, where are we going tonight?”

My roommate, Sessa, popped her head into my open bedroom door. With curling iron in hand, I was standing in front of a mirror with this month’s issue of Glamour flipped open. I glanced down at the picture of Mischa Barton, whose hair I was attempting to replicate, before answering.

“I’m heading to Centerstage [a theatre in downtown Baltimore] to see a play,” I smiled.

“Really?,” Sessa prodded. “With whom?"

I could tell by her tone that she was intrigued. She had been pushing me to go out with people other than platonic friends and family for a while. Unfortunately, I was about to disappoint her.

“No one,” I answered. “I’m taking myself out actually.”

Sessa’s expression changed to a mix of displeasure and shock. She knows that I’m a go-getter, but come on. A date? On a Saturday night? Alone? I knew this was going to require explanation.

Since Navin and I broke up two months ago, a lot of things have required explanation. While Sessa urged me to get out there and meet new people, I refused to waver about my decision not to. When my co-workers [at the hospital I work at] insisted that I needed a drink because that’s what broken up, destraught people do, I politely declined. And now, even though Sessa knew that there were interested people that could have accompanied me tonight, here I was heading out alone.

“It’s my breathing period,” I reminded her as I pulled on a pair of black knee high boots. “No dating for six months to a year.”

Sessa rolled her eyes at me.

With her still lingering, I grabbed my coat and slid a champagne colored scarf around my neck. I knew that Sessa didn’t want to hear anything more about healing and God’s will and preparing my heart. So, I stayed silent. While I did a last minute check for keys, cell phone, and cash, Sessa offered her last piece of advice for the night,

“Find yourself a boy tonight!”

- Re: Single in the City from Whitney, November 10, 2006

I absolutely agree. A lot of my friends were trying to force me into relationships with guys just because...Why can't I be happy and single and work on my relationship with the most important man in my life...God? When it's time for us to go back into the dating zone God will let us know!! That's why I love reading what you write Shayna, it's so uplifting and inspiring, especially for a young adventist female. God Bless!!

- Re: Single in the City from Shayna Bailey, November 8, 2006

Hey, thanks for commenting Chris! I'm glad you understand! Be Blessed, Shayna :D

- Re: Single in the City from Chris, November 7, 2006

Amen to taking yourself out. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves. Who better than to treat us, but us? I often remark at how comforting it is to just be alone with my own thoughts.

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