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Give your Respose


July 19, 2006

Anything that's easily dispensable, generally is made cheaply, with cheap material and calculated for a quick return on a short life. Quality isn't intrinsic to it; just an illusion. The disposable isn't dependable or durable but gives the illusion of such quickly and cheaply.

Hmmmn . . . Durability; quickly and cheaply . . .

I'm not going to go into this as deeply as it begs. I've come off as ranting amongst other labels and this is not at all my intent. Even so, much occurs in the course of living that's not intended but none-the-less become the eyes through which you're seen. So I tread as carefully as I know how. This get it quick, have it now, need it new attitude, has clearly mutated beyond the scope of "things". If people don't "fit into" what our world is suppose to be, they too get CTRL+ATL+DELETED.

Obviously I can't cover the broad spectrum of circumstance here. Clearly, there are/will be people that need to be cut off and out of your life from time to time but these cases >rare i might add< are not what I'm referring to. I'm not one to make the rare exception the rule. So as you reflect, if you reflect, just man up and own your mess.

I'm not a preacher. Preaching doesn't change things, it just exposes you to new ways of handling and seeing those things. Change happens when you ask God to help you hate those things you once got off on. Those things aren't all of a sudden deaded because you ask for the strength to live principally. If "it" wasn't laced with pleasure, it wouldn't be tempting. I bring this up because we see each other through the eyes of a disposable culture.

People cast off people for the most trivial reason which 99.9% of the time is wrapped in self centeredness. Being disposed of is crippling. You know what I mean . . . well some of you do. We are here >in this church< because we want to learn to be better and do better than what this culture calls us to. We've got to look through the lies, instead of through each other. If you take the time to get through the firewalls we all step up >for our own self preservation and sanity< guaranteed in most cases, you'll find the effort well worth it.

Our creator thankfully saw past what we had become, into what we could be. The fire and the walls only encouraged him to reach us more desperately. I am grateful to him, that we weren't disposable. Though little, if at all valued to others, I find a reason to hope in him. This doesn't make all my disappointments vanish >life is no fairytale< but it does at lease make it bearable.

If you've been disposed of, my prayer for you is that God will make you feel the comfort you need to carry on. I full well know it's NOT easy. Take a deep breath, cry, go driving, walk, anything along these lines to help you accept the bitterness of what you can't change but try my friend to keep living. You're worth >we are worth< far more than the darkness of our circumstances. God WILL take what's left of us.

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