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Exaggerated expectations often eclipse exceptional realizations

June 25, 2006

You do know that Sleeping Beauty doesn't exist right? Neither does the Knight in Shinning Armor. If they did, and we somehow found them, chances are they wouldn't want us because they're fully aware of a fact that we have yet to accept——we're full of brokenness and imperfections!

These run deep and often we suppress and repress them to dark places, in the darker corners of our beings. To the point we believe them non-existent. Since our personal realities aren't always pleasant, we adopt the fantasy and fairy tale. They're always hung out there. Just in front of us, right within reach; close enough to make us believe we can grasp them.

We measure each other and our circumstances through these fantasy stained glasses, that are calculated to leave us feeling unfulfilled and insecure. So after sampling a little of this and a little of that, we feel hungrier than ever and the ever elusive sustenance is "just within reach" begging us to “com’n getit”. We have been so blinded by what we should have, that we totally MISS OUT on what we DO! Some of you are sitting on gold mines but can't see it because you're blinded by fools gold. One of the truest "sayings" that I learned the hardest of ways is——everything that glitters isn't gold—— Exaggerated expectations are just deceptive, glittering ideals, that leave you emptier with each experience.

Because true beauty is often obscured by a less than stunning appearance, its over looked and ignored. We look for beauty BUT beauty can't be seen, only experienced! Too often physical appearance is sadly mistaken for beauty. Just the most cursory of glances of the celebrity divorces and break-ups, should tell you, that it's not at all about being SEXAY. If it was, why would some of these break-ups have happened?!?!? Guys, based on this surface understanding of "beauty", who in their right mind and WHY in the world would ANYMAN cheat or break up with Halle Berry, Liz Hurley or Christina Millian?!?!?!? Girls, Colin Farrell, Nick Lachey or Matthew McConaughey etc.

We are so interesting on so many different levels but, But, BUT we can't see because of how we look. We just let great people slip right through our fingers because of "things" that don't even exist. We would travel the world for that "ONE" but wouldn't recognize him or her if they were right in front of us——which in most cases they really are—— While we wait for Sleeping Beauty to wake, the Princess to come down out of the tower, the frog to transform into the prince, or the Knight to sweep you off your feet, life is passing by. The life you hope for is right in front of you in most case. So what if it's unconventional! Failed relationships for the most part, looked real good on paper.

Realize that life happiness, is a series of everyday choices and life rarely, if ever, comes in nice, neat, gift wrapped packages. So embrace the unexpected and leave the fairy tales to kids who don't know better.

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